Monday, May 8, 2017

Welcome to My World 2.0

Welcome to My World 2.0
(or, hey look I'm writing words!)

That's me. Its a little old (like...6 years...?), but its one of my favorites and really all that's changed is I gained some weight. Also I may be a little paler. Its hard to tell with me sometimes, I am perpetually in a state of blushing confusion so honestly I resemble a tomato more than the above picture.

I need a space to post reviews, talk about whatever and just in general discuss my obsessions. Tumblr is...well we all know what Tumblr can be like. Twitter is great, but limited. After the heartbreak of LiveJournal's slow descent into death I couldn't invest myself into here I came back.

  1. Not feel pressure! Seriously, this is meant to be my refuge from reality.
That's literally my only goal. Think you can help with that?

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