Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sarcastic Saturday (SZ): Zombie Fiction Online

Sarcastic Saturday: Its Online Zombie Fiction Edition Wherein I talk irreverently about books I love and are hard to find more often than not.

Sarcastic Sunday will be a little different today as I give you links to free online Zombie related fiction and a my short snarky reason for rec'ing it.

Original Zombie Fiction
David Wellington
Book 1: Monster Island  (link here)
Book 2: Monster Nation (link here)
Book 3: Monster Planet (link here)

You can buy all three in print if you so choose, but I suggest reading it first.  Want to talk about BRAAAIIINNNS, Wellington's main character certainly tops the charts.  These aren't exactly your Romero Zombies, but they're not going to invite you out for Sunday dinner (unless you're the dinner!).  The writing can get a little iffy at times, but they're entertaining to read when you're idling away time on the net.

Interactive Zombie Fun

Nathan Piekos
Dead Ends (link here)

Enjoy those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books as a kid?  I sure as hell didn't--if I could choose the most gruesome death possible I did (these books also taught me that being a self-sacrificing white knight is the worst possible idea).  But!  That's pretty much the premise of "Dead Ends" and I'll forgive it just this once (mostly because with Zombies all endings are the gruesome ones).  There's currently 6 chapters to 'play' through with a whole range of typical situations you may find yourself in.

Interactive Movie

The Outbreak (link here)

This is actually a short movie where you choose what path the characters will take.  I vote on choose the most jerky thing you can possibly do--I won't tell you whether it saves you or not, but ha! Its fun.  It may not however reaffirm any lingering belief you may have had in the human race.

Not Quite Fanfiction 

Tales of the Zombie Wars (link here)

Some of these stories rock.  Some of these do not.  And some of them make me wish a zombie was here to eat my brains because they hurt to read--and not in a good way.  It a contest, of sorts, with cash prizes.  These are more heavily inspired by Max Brooks than anything else, but hey the man knows his Zombies.

Zombie Online Comic

The Zombie Hunters (link here)

I shouldn't even have to describe why you want to read this, but I'll do it anyhow.  I originally began loving the artist, Jenny, through her deviant art account (which if you don't know Deviantart I suggest you find it quick).  And then I saw she had ZOMBIES and it was like kismet.  So.  Read it.  Love her.  Help that fandom grow.