Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sarcastic Sunday (SZ): My Zombie Valentine

Sarcastic Sunday: Its True Love is Undead Baby Edition Wherein I talk irreverently about books I love and are hard to find more often than not.

Title: My Zombie Valentine
Author:  Katie MacAlister, Angie Fox, Marianne Mancusi, Lisa Cach
Publisher/Year: Leisure/2009
Out of Print?: Nope!  Don't you feel lucky?

Why, pray tell do you like it?  I reviewed the book for Night Owl Romance almost a year ago and I remember thinking 'Huh. Zombies are romance points. That won't catch on!' Boy was I wrong.  To be fair these were less of the 'zombie is the love interest' and more of the 'zombies interfere with the romance' sort of things.  Except for Fox's story, but that's kind of extenuating circumstances. 

That's nice.  Why should anyone care?  Because these stories are, by in large, amusing quick reads.  And they're not heavy hitters in the gore department so the squeamish should be okay as well.

Is this a series?  Stand alone? MacAlister's ties in with her larger universe, but the other three, to my knowledge, are stand alone stories.

And the ending?  Its an anthology so each story was self-contained, mostly, and had satisfactory endings.

What did I learn? Don't judge a man by the gray pallor of his skin.