Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Sendup: 9-12-10

Sunday Sendup
Links, news and what's happening on the blog and in the blogging world!

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Books Received:
Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews (holy god squeeee)
Rebel by Claire Delacroix
The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten by Harrison Geillor (holy damn Zombies!)
The Living Dead vol 1 and 2 edited by John Joseph Adams (sweet jesu MORE zombies!)
((to be clear I came home from the Brandon Sanderson interview--6 hours of driving home--to see a pile of Zombie books on my kitchen table. I nearly fell over in love.  I texted my friend and said 'There's ZOMBIES in my house!'.  He wasn't amused))
Lucky Stiff by Tonia Brown (ebook as part of September Zombies!)

 My Contests
I'm running a Jeannie Lin "Butterfly Swords" contest to celebrate her upcoming Harlequin Historical Tang Dynasty Romance! 

Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin contest

Zombie Month Long Contest! Books, DVDs and a whole lot more

Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin (via Poisoned Rationality)
Under a Halloween Moon by Beverly Breton (via Night Owl Romance)

Resident Evil: Afterlife


Zombie Related:

Epic Rat: Feltie Zombie Fun For Everyone!

Zombie Guide: Self Defense--though as Jeannie Lin pointed out 'Cardio' and the 'Double Tap' should be included.

Non-Zombie Related:

Manga Xanadu: Pirating Dragon Balls, I don't read any of the 3 manga listed (Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball), but its an interesting look at how two creators took the same approach, but with differing results

Feminist Otaku: Skip Beat is a seriously Cynical Manga, I don't read Skip Beat either (not my flavor of shoujo), but again its an interesting discussion on rape culture as perceived by the media and the fact this manga is aimed at 13-18yr olds.

PANK Blog: I Can Has Author Friends?  How Twitter (and blogs to a certain extent) have changed the writer/reader dynamic.  I know I'm guilty of this. I'm like '@fav_writer! lol I've had the same problem!' (I do this a lot to Stacia Kane XD)

Bitten By Books:  Paranormal (or otherwise) shows you really miss.  And to be clear, I only listed a small portion of my (english language) shows I miss.  I didn't even mention my asian paranormals (like Vampire Host!)

HarperColllins' imprint, EOS (their fantasy/scifi devision) is joining with Voyager! GUYS this means I may have my Kylie Chan books in domestic release! (not that I don't already own them, but I want to share the love with as many people as possible).

Theoryland of the Wheel of Time is keeping track of The Wheel of Time RAFO spoiler clues that the GodKing Brandon Sanderson is leaving during his The Way of Kings book tour.  Go have fun.

Thera Joyce of Crafty Pirate has a video tutorial for learning basics of sewing! Cosplay ahoy matey!

Author Liz Fielding wants to talk to you about grammar!  Which I hate by the by. 

Meanwhile author Mindi Scott wants to talk about ::gulp:: Seating Arrangements in School (the horror, let me tell you--its not like in the movies where you get to sit next to a hot guy year after year.  Oh no. I never got that lucky).

The Nerdist: Doctor Who WiiMote.  Guys my life will be complete once I own this. No joke.

Book Smugglers: On Books I Did Not Finish. Yeah we all have these (thank god I'm not alone?)