Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Announcement: The Book Cover Advertising Co-op

The Book Cover Advertising Co-op

The Book Cover Advertising Co-op (BCAC) offers Authors and Publishers the opportunity to increase exposure to their books by placing ads on more blogs at a low cost.

Blogs cultivate return readers; while readers, with their limited time, can only go to so many blogs. This means, even within the same genre, by interacting with more blogs there is potential to gain exposure to a larger audience.

The BCAC is a group of individually operated blogs, covering a variety of genres, that have come together to help authors and publishers increase the effectiveness of online advertising.

We are offering two advertising packages - group and individual as detailed below - and the flexibility to select where you want your ads to be placed and when.

We accept PayPal and Personal Checks. Email us for the Mailing address.

Thank you for your time and consideration,The BCAC Bloggers

GROUP PACKAGE - Price $55 Buy Now

  • This is for a group of four covers - this same grouping appears in all locations
  • All covers appear in rotating ads - Ads change when the page refreshes
  • Total ad space is a rotating 170x250px image - this can be used in any fashion. If a publisher purchases a group package, a static 170x75px company logo may be displayed above the image.
  • Please provide to us your group of 4 covers
  • Please note a $2 processing fee is included if purchasing through PayPal.

Package Includes
  • 4 - one month long book cover ads. These can be used simultaneously or consecutively on any of the page/blog locations
  • All links and information on participating blogs available below - Genre limitations apply

  • Covers are added to groups of 4, which means you receive a quarter of the sites page views
  • One cover in a rotation is a PLACEMENT of a 170x250px image.
  • Please note a $2 processing fee is included if purchasing through PayPal.
Package Includes
  • 16 - one month long placements
  • More then one placement can be used in the same rotating ad. For example, you have two or three different covers you would like included
  • Placements can be schedule for any page/blog location. For example, with 16 placements, you could have 2 placements on each on 8 of the participating sites of the BACA or you can have 4 placements on 4 sites.
We encourage payment by check; however, we can also accept payment via PayPal with a $2 processing fee.

  • All placements must be used withing 6 months of purchase - unless otherwise specified
  • Each placement is a 170x250px image
  • Each individual Blog Owner reserves the right to refuse any cover based on content or genre misrepresentation
  • Bloggers are individuals - as such personal emergencies can arise. Should any of the participating blogs become less active, any ads scheduled to post there will be notified and allowed to reschedule.


In some cases there are multiple pages available - all links are provided

  1. Backseat Nightmares (Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Dark Suspense, Thriller, SciFi, Fantasy)
  2. Cheeky Reads (Any genre except Horror)
  3. Literary Escapism (Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Scifi, Horror, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Romance with paranormal or fantasy elements)
  4. Martha’s Book Shelf (Any Romance except Erotica)
  5. Naughty in the Backseat (Erotic Romance all genres – Some M/M)
  6. Naughty Boys in the Backseat (All genres M/M exclusively)
  7. Novel Reaction (Romance, Women’s Fiction, YA, Historical, Inspirational, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Suspense, - does not accept Erotic Romance)
  8. Novel Reaction Kids – (Childrens, Middle Grade, some YA for younger audience)
  9. Poisoned Rationality (All genres except Horror and Erotic Romance)
  10. Romance in the Backseat (Romance, Women’s Fiction, YA, Historical, Inspirational. LIMITED: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Suspense, NO: Erotic Romance)
  11. Star Shadow Blog - (YA, PNR, Scifi, Post-Apocalyptic, Cookbooks, Dystopian, Steampunk, ChicLit, Childrens)
  12. Twisted Fates Cafe - (Any Romance, Fantasy, SciFi, Urban Fantasy, Middle Grade, Thriller, Horror)
After you have purchased your Package please e-mail us at bcca.coop8 AT gmail DOT com so we can schedule your ads and get you started