Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MENAGE A BLOG: Vance, Matt and Lacey

Once upon a time there was this very very pretty lad.  This very very pretty lad was adored by many many women.  This lad's name was...Vance.  You see Vance was a very very special boy.  And he had a very special lady who we will ignore for the purposes of this flirt marathon, but more importantly he had the power to make other ladies feel special.

And now's our chance to show him how much we love him!

Now some other ladies ::cough Terri Giuliano Long cough:: might be trying to convince you that they have the leading man of your heart, but don't trust them.  I promise you The Trouble With Spells by Lacey Weatherford, with the adorable Vance Magnum, is the real deal.

So let's make him feel loved and appreciated!  TIME TO GET YOUR FLIRT ON!  The more you flirt the more you could win in fact :) 

So...what do you win exactly?

Well there's 3 ways to win!

1) Get your FLIRT ON!  That's right guys--this isn't called a 'Menage-a-blog' for nothing!  Lacey and me want your very best pick up lines.  Cheesy, pun-ny, funny,'s an example 'I may not be a genie but I can make your dreams come true'.  See?

Need a bit of incentive?  Well how about this shirtless pic of MattBrooding intently while he waits for your line?  Or thinking man Matt?  Matt looking over his shoulder maybe? Awkward smile?

By commenting at Lacey's site you automatically will win an e-copy version of The Trouble With Spells.  As the first book in the 'Of Witches and Warlocks' series I promise you it won't let you down.

2)  Comment on my review of The Trouble with Spells with the words “Hot warlocks rock my world!” Remember to leave your email with every comment you make!  And hey want more chances?  Check out Lacey's site and everyone else's reviews!  She's going to have some surprises in store so don't miss out!

What could you win?

In the words of Miss Lacey herself:

"A Night IN with Vance Mangum" Gift Basket. Pamper yourself with relaxing spa products, candlelight, soft music, and hand-dipped chocolates. Then slide into your comfy "My lips have always been yours to kiss, Vance Mangum" t-shirt and cuddle up to read ebooks 1-4 in the Of Witches and Warlocks series, while staring at a gorgeous personalized-to-you photo of Vance Mangum muse, the oh-so-very-hot-and-fabulous actor, Matt Lanter.
Extra Entries:
+ Get 5 extra entries every time you Tweet, Facebook, or blog this! “Today Only! Win free ebooks & a signed pic of HOT actor #MattLanter! #Muse #MenageABlog ( then leave the details of your posts in my comments!

3) Want to win the OVERALL prize for all of Menage-a-blog?  Check out the Blog Tour de Force website for each day's match-up.  Every comment you make on any of the blogs, posts and reviews is an entry to win a Kindle!  Plus all participating authors are giving away copies of their books and have their own gift baskets!  That's 15 free books, 15 chances to win a themed gift basket and a chance at a Kindle--what more reason do you need?