Saturday, May 12, 2012

BEA Post: BlogWorld and New Media Panels

As most attendees from last year know, the Javits plays host to two Expo's during Book Expo--our very own Book Expo and also BlogWorld, which is as the banner proclaims a New Media Expo.  It explores the growing use of blogs, social media and sites like youtube to expand or build businesses.  There are exhibitors, panels and discussions to help people do better.

I want to check some of them out.  Last year I was so busy with BEA I didn't have a chance to do very much outside of it or look into things outside of the Floor, but this year I'm going to try harder.

Poisoned Rationality will be turning 4 as of October of this year--four.  That's a milestone in my opinion (though maybe not others) and I am looking to expand what I can do with my site.

A full list of panels can be found here, but I encourage everyone to look and see if there's anything of interest.  You can always improve is an important lesson to learn and take to heart so you don't become stagnant.

Below you'll find the panels I'm interested in attending for various reasons :)  Its a tab on my BEA Masterlist Schedule in fact!

**PLEASE NOTE: the BEA pass will only allow you onto the Exhibit Floor, in order to attend the Conference Sessions listed below, or on the schedule, you have to register for that separately and pay for that separately.**

2:30-3:30          How To Build a Community of Fanatics                    Room 1A08
2:30-3:30          Tips&Techniques for a Successful Fan Podcast       Room 1A15
3:45-4:45          Four Simple Steps for Editing Your Own Writing    Room 1A06

11:30-:12:30    Why All Bloggers Should Be Podcasting                  Room 1A15

9:00-10:00       Podcasting: Lessons from a Noob                             Room 1A16
10:15-11:15     Podcasting 101 Part 1                                                 Room 1A16
11:30-12:30     Podcasting 101 Part 2                                                 Room 1A16

As you can see I am interesting the Podcasting panels the most--I think I would like to add this component to my blog at some point in the future, especially once I am settled in my career as a paralegal.

As I said it is a separate fee to attend the conference sessions.  A $300 (before May 15th, $400 after) fee in fact.  With my trip to Canada in August, I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford the pass, but I'm going to try!