Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BEA Related: Fifty Shames of Earl Grey

Come on how can you NOT want this on your bookshelf?  I have...very strong opinions about the Fifty Shades of Grey...travesty that is so popular right now.  And I have read it (my friend and I tore it apart together via AIM, and the contract was torn apart during a special session of my Contracts paralegal course) so I am allowed to have my strong opinions on the novel.

That being said as soon as I heard about this I wanted it.  Soon as I read the excerpts from it I wanted it more.  The moment I found out Shaffer was signing copies of it at Book Expo I rearranged my entire schedule to make sure I would have no excuse not to be in his line immediately.  I like me a good parody (especially of bad books).

Official Blurb:
In Fifty Shames of Earl Grey, young, rich, and handsome tycoon Earl Grey has a dirty secret. Past the tacky waterbed, strobe light, and blacklight posters inside his "Room of Doom," he brings Anna, a naïve college student into his twisted world of, well, mostly naughty dialogue and light spanking. Anna is enthralled-after all, he's rich, and he has a habit of buying every company she's ever worked for (including Walmart) in an attempt to get close to her. But on the flipside, he's a moody bastard whose fifty shames constantly threaten to overwhelm her. Can Earl Grey and Anna ever have a normal life together? Or will his dark desires and constant smirking drive her over the edge? (from Amazon)

Release Date: not today oh not specific enough....July 2012
LinkageEvilReads // BEA Earl Grey Teabagging Party (aka book signing)
Book Signing Info: Wednesday, June 6th from 4pm-5pm at booth 3604 (Perseus Books Group)