Tuesday, May 15, 2012

e-Book Review: Ruined by Rumor

Kindle // Carina Press
After waiting five years for her fiancé to return from the war and marry her, Roxana Langley has been jilted! She may have longed for excitement, but this was not what she had in mind...

Who could possibly throw over a woman as beautiful and vivacious as Roxana? Certainly not Alex Winslow, the Earl of Ayersley, who has spent years trying in vain to forget his unrequited love. When he learns she's been abandoned by her cad of a fiancé, he finds himself offering a shoulder for her to cry on. Comfort soon turns into a passionate kiss—and scandal when they are caught in an embrace.

Only one thing will save Roxana from certain ruination: marriage to the earl. The match may save her reputation, but responsible, tongue-tied Ayersley is a far cry from her dashing former fiancé. She's convinced Ayersley is merely doing his duty...while he's sure Roxana is still in love with another man. Are they trading one disaster for another?

Dear Ayersley, I love you. You are possibly my ideal man and if its not too weird sounding, please come to life and marry me. Love, Lexie

Its quite possible that Everett managed to write a hero so ideally suited to my tastes and beliefs in what a man should be like that, that's she psychic.  Or been reading my teen years diaries.  Which now that I think about it I don't know where those are...

Seriously however, RUINED BY RUMOR is the type of historical romance I craved and adored as a teen.  Its got a bit of sexiness, its got a hero who is just so in love with his heroine that he can't SPEAK in front of her (except apparently in quotes and judicial reforms...), a heroine who is a ninny and a villainous sort of fellow who deserved the layout he got.

Now admittedly I grew rather irritated with their stubborn lack of communication.  Its been a long time since I found a pair so uniquely obstinate in their belief that the other must hate them, with relatively circumstantial evidence.  I do give them a pass because in Ayersley's case he's got a heavy case of inferiority and guilt riding him (not to mention being so desperately in love with Roxana he can't see straight) and Roxana, as previously mentioned, is a complete ninny.

A loveable, tries to do her best but gets really bad advice quite often, ninny though.

As for the cad that left Roxana, he spent entirely too much time engaged to her, not enough time being pummeled and quite frankly I am SHOCKED and AMAZED he did not get himself SHOT.  Seriously. If even half the stuff circulated about him is true, he should be on every father's most wanted rake in all of Christendom. 

If its hard to tell, I was greatly entertained by this book.  Its not a terribly serious book, or intent on pushing some sort of agenda.  Its just an earnest romance between a couple who should never leave their bedroom.