Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Redshirt" by Jonathan Coulton

That's right folks, as if John Scalzi's forthcoming Redshirts couldn't be COOLER, Jonathan Coulton (the musician responsible for "Still Alive", the Portal theme song...amongst other geeky accolades) made a theme song based on it!

Other cool stuff related to this:
Journey to Planet JoCo - Jonathan and John discuss the song and general geekry
Introducing "Redshirt" - John encourages everyone ever to talk about the song and listen
Jonathan Coulton Blog - Jonathan proves never say never! (cause he'll make a song about it)

As a reminder John Scalzi shall be signing Redshirts at BEA on Wednesday morning 10:30-11:30am (find the table yourself, I won't make it THAT easy for you).  also check out his events listing to see if he'll be near by if you can't make it to BEA and the book comes out JUNE 5th!  BUY IT READ IT LOVE IT (also buy the audiobook when it comes out since Wil Wheaton is reading it, I don't have a release date for that however).