Monday, June 4, 2012

BEA Week Day 1: Monday Schedule (pre-BEA)

While I'm away at BEA I'm going to try and post about my experience as they happen (instead of trying to remember like I normally do every year ahahaha...) so each day there will be the 'Schedule' post detailing what I expect to happen throughout the day posted in the morning and in the evening I'll post about what really went down.

Experiment in how much willpower I have to stay awake!

Monday's Agenda:

Basically arrive in the city and accomplish 3 things:
- inquire about getting badges Monday instead of Tuesday from BEA
- FOOD, general settling in at hotel, people arriving to hotel
- HarperCollins/Avon shindig (7pm)

I'm supposed to meet up with Nicole (Paperback Princess) for dinner at some point before the Harper event (she has a different event), and since she'll have cookies that's a must.  please note I'd still see her if she didn't have cookies, she's an awesome person

Also at some point after the HarperCollins event I will be watching (and loving) the second episode of Red vs. Blue because there's nothing in the Bookgirl Handbook that says I can't mix both if there's time.

Let's see what gets accomplished eh?