Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Sendup 24

So here's my week...

Accidentally in love with a....God?! by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff - a whole lot of fun, I definitely recommend it!

Fables the Deluxe Edition volume 2 - Oh how I love you let me count the ways...

Big Sky Country by Linda Lael Miller - in preparation for the first part of her tour this week!

Bared to You by Sylvia Day - It was good to read it, though the inevitable comparisons hurt any chance of me enjoying it.

Started Reading:
The Duke's Perfect Wife by Jennifer Ashley - The first book, about Ian, still is my favorite book in this series, but I do like seeing everyone getting their just desserts in love. 

Incarnation by Emma Cornwall - er...unsolicited and about Lucy from Dracula. A book I'm not fond of. We'll see.

Poltergeeks by Sean Cummings (NetGalley) - oh man another Strange Chemistry title I'm dying to read!

The Assassin's Curse by  Cassandra Rose Clarke (NetGalley) - Assassins! Pirates!  ASSASSINS AND PIRATES!

Won or Bought: 

Bought at Used Book Store:
Star Trek TNG Indistinguishable from Magic by David A. McIntee - its a sickness don't judge.
A Week From Sunday by Dorothy Garlock - I don't know why, it looked interesting?
The Lightstone by David Zindell - again it looked interesting

Best. Present. Ever. - someone very dear to me loved me enough to buy this for me for a late bday present.

Romancing the Stone by Joan Wilder - yeah the book version of the movie.  I love this movie.

The Survivors by Amanda Harvard - I bought this for Tegan actually. She met the author and they hit it off so I promise Tegs I'd buy her the first book to review so she can review the second!

Note to the Unwary - RTX is coming up so that entire week it will be non-stop Gaming Geek well as Red vs Blue goodness (including a contest!)

Lesson Learned This Week - This is a lesson everyone else should learn, the heat we had in NJ all week didn't bother me.  In fact it brought my core body temp to normal human levels instead of borderline cadaver levels.  What I didn't like was the sun.  Its no lie when I say I can't stay more than 5 minutes in direct sunlight before I burn.  No thank you.