Monday, July 16, 2012

Beth Bernobich Contest! Win 2 Books!

You guys remember way back in 2010 when I went to BEA and I met this author and she signed this awesome book? Okay well that's asking quite a bit of your memories (come on I have trouble remembering past the day before), so here's a refresher: Back in 2010 I happaned upon Beth Bernobich--a new to me author who was signing what had to be the most gorgeous cover in creation (and from one of my favorite publishers thank you Tor).

Here's that cover:

I was so excited about this book that I read and reviewed it rather quickly (see review here) and then eagerly awaited the next book. Which also had an awesome cover...that I can't find anymore :sigh:

And waited. And waited. Aaannnddd waited. Digging around proved that it WAS coming out...just put on hold for the moment. Being the stalkerfan that I am I kept up with Beth's livejournal blog and any news that pertained to her writing.

Then came the news that it was coming out! As in I could pre-order it and I would get a copy and oh look new covers (which are still pretty, but well, I really liked the old ones). I pre-ordered my copies.

Now's a chance for y'all to win copies--signed!--as well!

Head over to Beth's blog and help spread the word and you could win a set of both books--signed!!--and my eternal gratitude because it means you saw my post and I directed you there and I could win now XD

What are you waiting for? RUN! DON'T WALK! Don't guy watch (unless its David Tennant)!