Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Manga Moveable Feast July: CLAMP

Hosted by Manga Bookshelf, the Manga Moveable Feast in their own words:

Welcome to July 2012, and the newest installment of the Manga Moveable Feast, the manga blogging community’s ongoing conversation about the medium we all love. Each month, a single series, creator, or topic is chosen for a week-long discussion across the entire community. 
This month’s feast will run from Monday, July 23rd through Sunday, the 29th, featuring the works of CLAMP, and hosted at Manga Bookshelf.

Which, as anyone knows, is one of my FAVORITE manga groups in the world.  They were also one of my first creators to get me into manga (along with Naoko Takeuchi, and Rumiko Takehashi) and I've consistently collected their series in some form since 1997.  That's 15 years of love folks.

You can participate in the feast if you want, check out the Call for Participation entry here, and I plan to review series I currently have that are in print as well as some other goodies (CLAMP IN WONDERLAND) during that week.

What was that? You haven't read/watched/obsessed over CLAMP before?  That's okay!  That's why the Manga Moveable Feast is a wondrous time for all.  You get to learn about new things, discuss old things and maybe find a way to spend all of that disposable income bloggers are infamous for having.

So come one, come all and let's all celebrate like its 1999 (and the world is coming to an end because two pretty boys don't know how to share).