Thursday, July 5, 2012

RTX Bound

All right guys sorry to say but I'm doing something totally not book related!  I'm heading off to the grand state of Texas to attend RTX.  What is RTX?  Glad you asked.

RTX is in its second year of fan frenzy for all things related to the following:
  • RoosterTeeth - a production company that is famous for Red vs. Blue, the longest running webseries.  Plus other stuff.
  • Halo - cause this is the game that began the obsession (RvB is filmed in part using the Halo game)
  • Machinima - simply put this is the art of using a game environment to create something a show, movie or...whatever.  Within the restrictions of that game engine.
  • Gaming in general - cause we are nothing without our video games
  • The Internet - its how we all learned to effectively stalk the folks of Rooster Teeth after all!
Its held in Austin, TX at the convention center.  Sadly (for everyone else) the tickets are sold out, so no you can't come stalk me.  I'll be all over Austin at night however, for various SideQuest things.

I'm going to be there from Thursday July 5th to Monday July 9th. 

Thanks guys and look forward to my pictures!