Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 is ON

Y'all can thank Nicole (Paperback Princess, or my BEA Baby this year) for this 'cause I'm chilling with her, but yeah I'm going to NYCC!  This'll be my last con of the year, so I'll work it to make it count.

This won't be an intensive as my BEA planning, obviously since this is a different monster altogether, but I'll have a weekly post with anything I learn author signing wise, or just in general awesome fun.

Important Information:
Main page: New York Comic Con
Held At: Jacob Javits Center (yeah once more into the breach)
Twitter: @NY_Comic_Con
Hashtags: 'official' #NYCC, unofficials #NYCC12 and #NYCC2012

Author Event:

  • shall be signing paperbacks of Shatter Me, ARC's of Unravel Me and on a panel 10/12.  More details as I find them out (thanks Nicole!)
Cool Events Outside Con:
  • Chris Hardwick (aka the Nerdist) is having a live podcast of his hilarious awesome podcast The Nerdist.  Tickets on sale here 10/12 8pm
  • Geek Girls Network is having their Shindig at Stitch Bar and Lounge once more!  Hurry tickets are selling fast ($5 a pop) 10/12 8pm-2am
As always please comment with anything you want to add.  I'll have a page up at the header bar to keep track (like with BEA) this weekend.  NYCC tends to post their 'official' schedule (Which changes daily even during the con) about two weeks or so beforehand, but most vendors and such begin pushing before then.