Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012: Wrap Up

So New York Comic Con has come and gone once more.  Three Days filled with books, TV, fans and pop culture left me feeling REALLY tired.  BUT THAT'S OKAY because guys I come bearing stories!


My thanks to the Haven Facebook page for this lovely shot

I only attended one panel and it was the one I wanted to attend the very most so its okay.  I attended the Haven panel Saturday morning and boy howdy was it fun.  Anyone who was watching my twitter stream saturday would have seen the fun times I was having.  I learned the following:

- Adam Copeland (aka Dwight, and formerly known as The Edge in the WWE) is now a main character and he got it because he broke his neck.
- Lucas Bryant (aka Nathan) and Eric Balfour (aka Duke), as well as most of the rest of the cast/crew of the show, are madly in love with Jason Priestly (who plays Chris on the show, and directed an episode this season).
- Adam is horning in on the sexy twosome that is Lucas/Eric.
- The writers were finally given the a-ok to serialize the story for the third season and they decided to answer the question of who murdered the Colorado Kid and what happened (the show is based on the short novel The Colorado Kid by Stephen King...sort of. The writers added all the paranormal stuff)
- The new writer on staff started every meeting with 'LET ME KNOW THE ANSWERS' until they told her the answers.
- The season finale will make every bawl their eyes out.
- The house used in episode 6 (the Halloween episode) is considered a hotbed of Paranormal activity by the Canadian Paranormal Society.

It was the best 90 minutes I've had in a long time.  Though Haven fans need to step up their questions, I heard a lot of simple ones (and the line got cut off before I got a chance to ask my question >.>)


I made the rounds quite a bit because of just wandering and waiting for stuff.  I got to play a demo of Ni no Kuni (the PS3 jRPG with Hayao Miyazaki designs coming out next year), got to poke at Injustice: Gods Among Us (from DC), and see some cool new collectibles I want (chief amongst them this AWESOME bookends set of Sandman and Death from Neil Gaiman's series).

DC dominated with a massive booth (just as well considering they had some big signings there), but I was impressed by the Legendary Entertainment booth (who had some of the most friendly, helpful and informative attendants in the show in my opinion) as well as Zenescope Comics and Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs (which I had to avoid after the first time, I was allergic to too many of the scents unfortunately). 

Square Enix also had a nice set up, but it and Bandai Namco were so close together it made it hard to move in/around them.  FUNImation had a sweet set-up, but it was mostly showcasing their wares for sale (and the prices were too steep for my margin).

Publisher Booths:

Unlike previous years where the pubs were all scattered they were mostly centralized in three rows so a book maven could just wander up and down them endlessly and get new stuff practically every time.  Penguin and Tor had some of the most helpful people (Peggy!  Kathy!  Liz! Anton!), while Harper had some very helpful people and great products (more on this later).    Simon and Schuster was hit or miss depending on who was working (though Adam was wonderful to talk with) and Del Rey often felt hurried and uninterested.

I can say all the booths had a variety of giveaways, signings and swag up to wazoo ad I came away with a lot of books.

Artist Alley

One of my main missions this year was to check out Artist Alley and pick up several things.  I wanted the Peter Nguyen "Women of the DCU" print and I wanted Amy Mebberson's "Timelord Disney Princesses" print.  I got both :D

My other mission was to get as many signatures in my Womanthology book as possible--I counted 6 contributors in the Artist alley line up including:
- Janet Lee
- Ming Doyle
- Camilla D'Errico
- Rachel Derring
- Stephanie Hans (omg STEPHANIE HANS)
- Nei Ruffino

I got all their signatures!

Stephanie drew that while talking with me!  I was like 'omg I think I love you', I seriously couldn't stop gushing.  Its my hope to get as many of the contributors to sign it (yearbook style) as possible :D


I had a good time.  I had a bit of badness (a dude grabbed me around the chest--got a punch for his efforts), but I met some cool folks (like Anthony! and GretchenBen!  And Aly!) and wish I can do it again next year (sadly I have a wedding that weekend).  I got to hang with Danielle, Nicole and saw Terri, as well as my friend Mark.  Met and had a good time with Nicole's family (apparently I am the Baby Whisperer XD) and had some good memories.

I'll talk about the books I got next!