Sunday, December 2, 2012

26 YA/MG Fantasy Titles on Sale for the Kindle

Guys some of my favorite YA Fantasy is on sale and I can't say I'm displeased that you can get these all for under $5!  Here's a list that won't break the budget for this holiday season :) (my thanks to April of Good Books and Good Wine, as I found  a lot of these deals because of her Fill Your Kindle post)  I'm not sure how long some of these sales are so grab'em while they're hot!

Shannon Hale
(Books of Bayern)


Lisa McMann  ($12 for the whole Wake Trilogy!)

Julie Berry

Sherwood Smith

Jessica Day George 

(Fairy Tale books) 

(Dragon Books - get all three for under $15!)

E.D. Baker

Diane Zahler

Other Authors