Monday, March 18, 2013

#Bookexpo, #paxeast, #vericon, #WayofKings and Old School Wednesdays

Nothing major but just some general things of interest.

we're going old school--this is from 2001's logo!
Beginning in April I'll be showcasing Authors/Books that will be at BEA this year.  I was waiting for a more confirmed idea of things (that's why its a month late).  According to the website we should be getting the author signing schedule in late April (here's hoping!). 

In May myself and 2 other bloggers (Nicole of Paperback Princess and Hannah of The Irish Banana Review) will be swapping days throughout the entire month as we interview authors, bloggers and industry folk about their experiences with Book Expo.  We're really excited about this and have tried to interview a wide range of people so you (as readers and attendees) can get an idea and become just as excited.  With Book Expo moving forward with their plans to include Bloggers (via BEA Bloggers) and the public (via Power Readers) with their programming, we think this is a great opportunity to point out the best (and sometimes less than best) parts of the Expo.

Once we have a schedule I'll post more details, but in the meantime if you have anything you're dying to know let us know and we'll do our best to find out!

Speaking of "BEA Bloggers" Conference, the list of panels panelists is up at the official BEAN blog, to check out the full schedule, Advisory Board and list of Bloggers attending check out the main page here.  Really wish I could go to this since it sounds so great (and rewarding).  Unfortunately its just not in the cards for me.  Still everyone go check it out and see if its something you'll enjoy; half the panelists are bloggers (and people) I respect highly, so I have no doubt they'll give it their all.

This will be my first year going to the convention PAXEast.  Dedicated mainly to gaming (in all its forms), PAXEast is the East Coast Mecca for gamers (there's also PAXPrime, which is the Mecca for the West Coast and PAXAus (PAX Australia) which is for the Down Under folk.  Its held in Boston, Mass and basically I'll be there from 3/21 - 3/26 so email me (or tweet me) and maybe we can hang!  (please note I'm volunteering for PAXEast, but my schedule stands at 8am-2pm Fri-Sun right now).

Vericon is also this weekend at Harvard University.  ITs a spec-fic convention funded by the SciFi Student Association at Harvard.  This year has some big names--Tamora Pierce is the Keynote, Jo Walton, NK Jemisin and Seanan McGuire (aka Mira Grant) will all be in attendance and have signings.  It looks really cool--with some great programming.  I hope to make it to there for at least one half day (or at least one signing, all of which occur at the Harvard Bookstore).  Reg is cheap--$35 for a full weekend with day passes $10-$15. 

On my sidebar you may have noticed that I put up a banner for's The Way of Kings re-read (hosted by Michael Pyre of Mad Hatter's Reviews).  Given my obsessionlove of Brandon Sanderson you must have known this would happen.  I'm terribly excited, especially since Book 2 of the Stormlight Archive was given a name recently (Words of Radiance) and Michael Whelan was confirmed for the coverart.  The Re-read begins March 28th on the TOR blog, but I'll probably post monthly thoughts as we go here as well.

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Old School Wednesdays is a feature the Smugglers started last year that they opened up for recommendations.  The results were truly overwhelming.  So Ana and Thea decided to start a Bookclub.  In their own words:
The OSW Readalong:

Based on the amazing suggestions we received from everyone, we decided to institute an official Old School Wednesday Monthly Readalong. Here’s how it works:

Every month, we’ll pick 5 books from the Suggestions Pool. We’ll announce those books in our first OSW post of the month and officially open the floor to voting.

You can vote for the title you want to read during the first two weeks of the month, using the spiffy poll in our sidebar, embedded in the original month’s post (that’s today’s post, for the April readalong), and on the brand new Old School Wednesday Page

On the second Wednesday of the month, we will announce the winner! The winning title will be reviewed on the last Wednesday of the next month – giving anyone that wants to join the readalong six weeks to get the book and participate in the readalong. (We’ll also provide tips as to where you can purchase or borrow the selected title.)
I'm really excited for this as it means I can find old 'new' books and hopefully get to discuss old favorites of mine (and see if some stand the test of time!).  April's Voting period ends March 20th, so get a move on!  To check out the suggestions so far see their Goodreads Shelf listing all of them or their ongoing database.