Thursday, March 21, 2013

PAXEast is a go-go

That's right folks.  Much like last year, when I abandoned the book blogging nerdom for my other passion, the video game nerdom, I'm heading off to a convention where (shock!) books are pretty the exact opposite of what you're supposed to be indulging in.  Unless its like Dungeons and Dragons or game manuals or something.  Then maybe its okay.

Which isn't to say that the folks at the con don't read, but its not really their priority.  Whereas at Book Expo its customary to find oddles upon dozens of people sitting in every nook and cranny reading their precious books you're more likely to find folks sitting in corners cackling over their handhelds or Munchkin or Cards Against Humanity (which I love to pieces).

I'm still bringing like four books though and my Tablet with the Kindle app with 1000 more books to read (well that's an overstatement probably about 400 of those I've read or are cookbooks).

I'll be gone Thursday 3/21 to Tuesday 3/26 and actively avoiding using a computer.  I'm not bringing my laptop, I'm not even going to ATTEMPT to do a blog post on my tablet so you guys will be Lexie-less for a few days.  Unless you email me or tweet me.  Or follow me on instagram or facebook. 

In the meantime why not check out some of my friend's sites?

I shall return with pictures! And games! And stories!