Friday, March 29, 2013

You Win or You Are Highly Likely to Die

Over here at Casa Cenni we are mighty excited for this weekend.

Saturday night is the return of the Doctor and his living memecompanion Clara Oswin Oswald (you saw the prequel right?) in Doctor Who's season 7.2.  I'm looking forward to Neil Gaiman's episode...

Then of course the new BBCAmerica show "Orphan Black".  Which kind of reminds me of the old Middle Grade series "Replica" by Marilyn Kaye, but all grown up. And violent (though that book series got really dark by the end of it).

Sunday is a hard choice night!

We have The Walking Dead third season finale (lots of people will die!) and hey Governor stop stealing Cersi's words, I'm way more scared of Joffrey then you...which brings me to...

and of course, Game of Thrones season 3 premiere (people will probably die at some point!).  DRAGONS.

So what's everyone else doing this weekend?  I hear there's some sort of holiday...?