Friday, April 19, 2013

BEA Spotlight: Books Read from 2012

So at the end of last year's BEA I had quite a few books!  I still have quite a few to read, but let's look at my STATS.

From Tuesday:
Total Books: 25
Read: 10
DNF'ed: 3
Traded: 4
Previously Read: 3
Books Left: 5
Favorite Book: TOUCH OF POWER by Maria V. Snyder, not terribly surprising since I love her books, but this departure from her previous fantasy world (starring Yelena and later Opal) hit its stride much earlier than the "Study" books did.
Least Favorite: RIFT by Andrea Cremer or VENOM by Fiona Paul, I expected quite a bit from Paul's book, but it ultimately let me down in execution.  Cremer I was giving a second chance since this was a prequel to the series I had issues with, but it too left me oddly dissatisfied.

From Wednesday:
Total Books: 27
Read: 9
DNF'ed: 6
Traded: 3
Previously Read: 5
Books Left: 4
Favorite BookTHRONE OF GLASS by Sarah J. Maas or REDSHIRTS by John Scalzi, both books were favorites of last year period.
Least FavoriteTHE CURSED by Jennifer L. Armentrout, which saddened me a lot because I loved her Luxe series SO MUCH.  I just could not like the main character.  Or her sister.  Or the love interest.

From Wednesday:
Total Books: 16
Read: 6
DNF'ed: 4
Traded:  1
Previously Read:  0
Books Left:  5
Favorite BookPRINCESS ELIZABETH'S SPY by Susan Elia MacNeal, this was a surprise entry to the list that was brought on by Nicole's campaigning for me to try it out!
Least Favorite:   THE POISON PRINCESS by Kresley Cole, less surprising since I'm not a fan of her non-YA books either.

So I didn't do that badly!  I've read almost half of the books, which is a better than in years past!  I plan on reading a couple more during the Readathon.

How did everyone else fare from last year?