Monday, April 22, 2013

eBook Review: Diary of a Dragon

You hold in your hand a sacred trust—a dragon’s diary. My diary. And that trust has been horribly violated by that dreadful Princess Lillian, or you wouldn’t be holding it. My own personal diary, published for all to see! That human female has no shame.

I do, however. I do not wish my secrets spread about. Please, I beg you, put this book down now and walk away, kind browser. Respect an old dragon’s privacy. No matter what the princess thinks, these matters of violence, blackmail, and unnecessary romance are not for the eyes of others!

No, no, don’t even open it! Ignore the attractive illustrations and the shocking true secrets of dragon life!  You’ll be sorry!

All right, you won’t. But I will.

I hate princesses.

This is, simply put, the cutest thing this side of fantasy short reads ever.  I downloaded this on a whim, because who doesn't like dragons and their diaries?  Other then a bit of threatening to eat a Princess this is a good book to share with a child.  Granted the humor is probably more dry then most kids' books, but since Flammiferus (yes that is the dragon's name) hates pretty much everything a kid does they should emphasize with him.

Basically Flammiferus kidnaps a princess, who then proceeds to demand all sorts of things of him until he finally gives in.  Just as he's getting used to her however she decides to play Dragon Matchmaker and finds him an eligible dragoness.

Things rather devolve from (for him) from there.

For a quick read I definitely recommend this.  The print book is also avail (in limited quantities) from Subterranean Press and I'm willing to lay bets the illustrations are even cooler in print.