Thursday, May 23, 2013

#BEABlitz Interviews: Baily of IB Book Blogging

Welcome to BEA Blitz!  Today I'm interviewing the ever lovely and gracious Bailey of IB Book Blogging!  Many thanks to Hannah for setting this up!  Don't know what BEA Blitz is?  Head over to my BEA Blitz Master Post to find out and see who else is being interviewed!

How many years have you attended BEA?
This will be my second year attending BEA. :)
l-r: Kresley Cole, Bailey
What was your first impression of BEA when you walked in?
I've been to other conferences before so I thought I knew what to expect, but boy was I wrong. It's much more crazier than I expected but I honestly loved it. I got to the convention center at 7:30 AM which I thought was really early, but the line was already super long. I had no idea just how many people would be going to BEA. I kinda love it, though. :)
What's the craziest thing you saw happen?
Probably just how early people line up for the signings. I got to the Harlequin Teen Hour about 15 minutes before it started and they were already running out of the tickets they give people to ensure they get books. I was shocked!
What's your favorite BEA memory?
Thats's a really tough one. There are so many great memories that I made in the few days I was there. If I had to choose one it would be running back from picking up my badge at BEA in the pouring rain. As my mom and I were walking back to the hotel, it starting raining all of a sudden. We had not come prepared with an umbrella and we were blocks from the hotel, so by the time we made it back we were drenched. I had a party to attend right after this, and my hair was a frizzy mess so I was not pleased. Looking back though it's kind of hilarious. My mom and I booked it faster than we ever have before through that rain. :P
How does BEA compare to the other conferences you've been to?
It's definitely the most competitive and fast conference I've ever been to. I think I love it the most because I get to meet the contacts that I deal with weekly there. It's so great to be able to put a face to the name! I also love it because a lot of my blogger friends attend BEA so it's great to be able to see familiar faces, and new ones as well.
Thank you so much Bailey!  I hope we get to meet :D Bailey blogs over at IB Book Blogging and has a wonderful Tips and Tricks series for the BEA goer!  She's also on Goodreads, Twitter and of course hanging out at the Book Expo America group on Goodreads :)

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