Monday, June 3, 2013

Post #Bookexpo Link Round-up #BEA13

I'm going to link to posts that are being posted in regards to BookExpo America so that a) y'all can get a well rounded look at the atmosphere and b) it gives me a bit of time to work on my own posts XD I have a boatload of notes, but I'm exhausted, so my posts probably won't go live until next week.

I've also categorized each link list for easier reference, but you guys know how I liked my organization don't you?  As always make sure to check the hashtags #BEA13 and #bookexpo for commentary as well!

Link me in the comments if I've missed a post you think it awesome (or at least good reading).  I'll keep updating this until probably mid-June...or whenever people stop commenting on BEA.


Posts about BEA Bloggers Con (BBC):
Stacked "BEA Part 1: Blogger Con"
Dear Author "BEA BloggerCon 2013 and Beyond"
Tracy Peshek  "BEA BloggerCon 2013" (video)

David Lee King "10 Trends Shaping how Content is Consumed Today"
The Book Smugglers "BEA Bloggers Con and BEA"
Bo's Book Nook "BEA Bloggers Conference"

Posts about the Books of BEA:
The Book Smugglers "The Smuggler's Stash BEA Edition"
Publisher's Weekly "The Big Books of the Show" (adult edition)
Publisher's Weekly "Strong Season Ahead for Children's Publishers"
Comicsbeat "BEA 2013: From Kibushi to Mattotti"
Comicsbeat "Book-Con! Lots of Great Graphic Novels and Comics"
Tor.Com "The New Graphic Novel at BEA 2013"

Posts about Specific Days of BEA:
Lostinbeliving's Blog "Thursday: May 30th 2013"
The Cover Countess "Thursday: May 30th 2013"
The Cover Countessa "Friday: May 31st 2013"
Ann Kingman "Power Reader's Day (Saturday June 1st 2013)"

Posts about BEA in general:
Paranormal Indulgence "What Happened at BEA 13 Was..."
TeleRead "Attending BEA Was Almost Too Much To Handle"
NY Times "A Reading Relief at Annual Book Show"
The Magpie Librarian "My Feet Still Really Hurt"
ALLi "Indie Authors and Book Expo America Report"
Vulture "TED Comes to Town"
NY Daily News "Boothpocalypse Now: A Visit to Book Expo America"
Publisher Weekly's BEA News Category (they have a lot of articles)
Publishing Perspectives "Ether for Authors"
Time Entertainment "Galley Girl @ Book Expo: The Last Two Nights"
Allodoxophobia "BEA aka Heaven"
MTV Geek "Book Expo America 2013"
Posts about BEA Sessions:
Vulture "All the Sad Literary Women"

Author Reports:
Ben H. Winters "BEA Recap"
Bob Mayer "Bookexpo America 2013 Initial Thoughts and Reactions"
Michelle Madow "My Trip to BEA" (youtube video)
Kelly Hashway "Book Expo America = Heaven!"
Chuck Wendig "Ten Things I Learned at BEA"
Write Nonfiction Now! "What Does a Writer Do at BEA?"