Monday, July 15, 2013

eBook Review: Heels and Heroes

Brenda is a second-rate superhero, normally more concerned with uniform fashion than defeating bad guys. But when a violent, new super villain declares war against her city, she suddenly finds her specialized power to deafen sound in high demand.

As if facing the destructive force of a new enemy isn’t bad enough, she finds herself paired with the powerful, yet emotionally distant, Justice. Forced to work at the side of the only man who gets her heart pounding, Brenda is not only in danger of losing her life in battle, but also her heart to a man who might not be able to love her back.

Allee, who has continually pleased me with her Paranormal books (most recently Don't Bite the Bridesmaid from Entangled Covet) made me a happy girl when I saw she had a superhero romance out as well.  Heels and Heroes, while shorter then I would have liked still gave me everything I looked for.  No nonsense heroine, slightly misled hero and humor a plenty.

I found it interesting that we saw what it was like for someone who didn't have an amazing power.  Not that Brenda is a dud, but there's only so much use for the ability to turn off her hearing (I suspect it got a lot of play in high school).  That doesn't stop her from enlisting nor does it stop her from doing what needs to be done.  Justice, who's everything you'd expect from a superhero, makes this point several times throughout the book.

Its not until he sees her in her civilian life that he understands her true strength and when he recognizes that its a truly wonderful moment.

The story moves along pretty quickly, many of the relationships having already been built in with only minor fleshing out needed.  From her first book I read (Banshee Charmer) to now Allee has definitely improved on integrating background and world details into a story without making it seem like a hammer to the head.  She doesn't waste time with the whys or the hows--basically its "super powers are out there!" and she runs with it.

I'm interested to see if Brenda's friend, Char, is able to snag herself a guy.  Because of her power Char can't touch a person without socks or gloves on....which makes dating a bit hard.  A quick fun romp, Heels and Heroes is sure to please!