Wednesday, July 17, 2013

eBook Review: Never Deal With Dragons

Consoling a sobbing dragon and serving pig buffets are just part of the job for Myrna Banks. Working for a mediation firm, it's her job to get humans compensated for damages caused by the dragons who now rule. But her "typical" day is interrupted by Trian Chobardan, an old flame who sneaked out of her bed two years ago, taking her heart and a handful of classified documents with him.

Myrna would love to show Trian the door, but he's been sent by North America's reigning dragon lord for help negotiating a truce with a powerful rival to avert war. Myrna agrees to help, even though she'll be stuck with Trian as a partner.

As the two work together, Myrna finds Trian to be surprisingly supportive—and still irresistibly attractive. Though her brain tells her not to forget his betrayal, her body feels differently. When they learn the enemy dragon lord is planning something no one could have imagined, Myrna has to learn who she can trust before she loses not only her heart, but her life.

My absolute favorite dragon-shifter romances are the books by GA Aiken.  They are some of the most hilarious, sexy and entertaining books I've read in a long time and I unfairly compare every other dragon-shifter romance to them.  Never Deal With Dragon nearly fell into the same problematic trap except that its not a dragon shifter romance.  Its a paranormal romance with Dragons (genetically engineered...well they were accidents no one expected from a failed experiment) and Myrna happened to be a Dragon Speaker.

Myrna's job is not an easy one--her boss is an ass, she does all the work and because of an indiscreet moment a year earlier she was flung off the fast track to awesome careerhood with nary a chance of regaining her footing.  She doesn't let this ruin her spirit or her wonder in the dragons and their world however, she genuinely wants to help them.

Meanwhile Trian, who was the indirect cause of her losing any respect she had gained, marches on in like there's nothing the matter and starts to woo her all over again.  Granted its largely subconscious on his part, but come on there's only so much hot male intense stares and protection a girl can take.

I sort of pegged the villain from the get-go, though the motivations were understandable.  A slightly smaller scope for their ambitions may have served better.  I truly hope they didn't mean to cause the collateral damage that they did and its addressed in a future book.

Overall this was a delightful read.  I liked Christensen's different take on the dragons and their origin, as well as how they interact with humans.  This was a fast read, with very few bumps overall honestly.  A couple 'oh what were you thinking?' moments with Trian or Myrna, but the two as a team made up for those things more often then not.