Thursday, August 22, 2013

Book Review: How to Date a Dragon

Sure, the fireman who saved Bliss Russo from her burning apartment building was a major hottie, but her computer and all her designs for Hall-Snark Greeting Cards went up in smoke! With a major design competition just weeks away, and her relentless family nagging her to find a husband, Bliss needs every last second to build back her portfolio.

Drake Cameron, the dragon shapeshifter who came to Bliss's rescue, can't stop thinking about the woman he saved. But she disappeared without a trace, and now he has no way to find her. If he could just track her down, he's sure he could win her heart.

The first half of this book--when Drake was hunting for Bliss and Bliss was trying to get her greeting card entry back together through to when they go on their first couple of dates, really worked for me.  Drake was pretty amusing and Bliss was definitely snarky.  Things started taking a downward spiral as another woman became a big issue, and deities began meddling.  Plus Drake and Bliss became far less interesting once she was in on his secret.

Also I'm apparently not a fan of a guy (or girl) giving up something that's an integral part of who they are simply because their beloved/mate/lover is unable to share it with them.  I thought Bliss' more straight forward 'Aw hell no that's a bad idea' approach at the end was a better idea.

I think part of my problem was that all the various plotlines, some of which set up or tie up the other books in the trilogy, didn't coalesce well.  If this had been a light, charming and sexy romance simply about Drake and Bliss trying to figure out how to have a relationship, I would have been happier.  As it is we also get the psycho chick Drake dated once, meddlesome Gods who were hindering more their own cause more than helping, Bliss' reality show competition, Drake's firefighting and some super shady stuff at Bliss' part time job.

It was just too much in the end.  I fully admit I skimmed several pages because they had nothing at all to do with Drake or Bliss.

If you enjoyed the first book (Flirting Under a Full Moon) or want some background on the third book's characters (Kissing With Fangs), since they feature prominently in here, then this is a good book.  Chase's writing is breezy and easy to follow, and she does know how to make a steamy love scene.  As for me, I was disappointed in how muddled it all became.