Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bookish Kickstarter News: Helen Stringer's The Gloaming webseries

Helen Stringer, author of Spellbinder, The Midnight Gate and Paradigm has a new webseries in development that sounds pretty fascinating!  Called The Gloaming its the story of Alex, stuck in a coma for the last thirty years his "ghost" has been waiting for his body to die so he can finally move on.  Or at least leave the blasted room.  Then one day Alex wakes--or at least his body does.

Official Blurb:
Alex has been a ghost for 30 years. Now he is alive again, and only the dead can help him find out why.
The Story
In 1985 Alexander Solomon was 28 and rich. He had everything to live for. Unfortunately, on July 7th he lost control of his car on Mulholland Drive, sailed off the road, down a ravine and into a large rock.

He should have died. But he didn’t. For the last thirty years, he’s been hovering between life and death in a persistent vegetative state. The only other person in the room watches and waits, unseen by anyone—Alex, the ghostly echo of his young self.

As the shade of someone who isn’t actually dead yet, Alex is unable to leave the aging, withered man in the bed. He just watches the world go by through the hospital window, waiting for the day when old Solomon slips away and he will be free.

But that day never arrives. Not the way Alex expects.

Instead, something else, something dark, breaks through the dimensional barrier and inhabits the aging flesh in the bed.

And Solomon wakes up.

Alex should disappear, but there is a side effect that Solomon’s new owner didn’t anticipate: Alex the ghost is now Alex the man. 

Oh its always pesky when the real inhabitant of a body sticks around after a possession isn't it?  Check it out!  Here's a link to the Kickstarter page and to the official website for the series as well!