Monday, September 16, 2013

New TV Season (New Shows Fall 2013)

Well its that time of year again folks.  The time when I have to sit down and make decisions about how much TV I will watch, when I will watch it and what looks most interesting.  There's some new shows that look mighty intriguing and some returning favorites I'm practically drooling for.  And as always shows that won't be on until next year that make me sad looking at you Lost Girl.

Without further ado, the new shows I may just watch!

Mom - 9/23 CBS 9:00pm/EST
I apparently have a thing for Anna Faris?  Well I need a few more comedies in my life so why not try this one out?

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 9/24 ABC 8:00pm/EST
Joss Whedon, Ming Na and well its SHIELD--I love me an interfering government agency!

The Goldbergs - 9/24 ABC 9:00pm/EST
This will either be extremely dull and possibly offensive (its the 80's) or hilarious. I'm hoping for the latter...

The Michael J. Fox Show - 9/24 NBC 9:00pm/EST
I'm only watching this because its Michael J Fox, who I grew up in love with (he remains one of my ideals of what I want from any man I end up with) and I support him in everything he does.

The Crazy Ones - 9/26 CBS 9:00pm/EST
I love Sarah Michelle Gellar.  I'm sad that Ringer got cancelled, since I think that was a decent noir-ish show that had a lot of potential (it should not however have been on the CW).  I'm...less fond of current days Robin Williams.  I live in hope.

The Tomorrow People - 10/9 CW 9:00pm/EST
This'll be the third incarnation on as many channels I've seen of this show/concept.  It has no one I particularly know, looks way too slick and like its taking itself seriously and oh its on the CW, which is fast becoming a pit of emo-centric dramafests for the Teen Drama Queen set.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - 10/10 ABC 8:00pm/EST
I'm hopeful for this--I like Naveen Andrews and from all things I've seen they will be twisting the story proper enough that I'll enjoy it.  I do like that Alice has to break out of an insane asylum (methinks one of the writers may read Zenoscope?)

Karl UrbamAlmost Human - 11/4 FOX 8:00pm/EST
Its the Karl Urban show! Er...sorry I mean Almost Human. I have no idea what its about (bio engineering cops? Or something?), and I'm not terribly fond of FOX (or hopeful it will last)....but its Karl Urban! Its Cupid Caesar Necromonger Guy!  HOW CAN IT GO WRONG?

So what's everyone else looking forward to?