Saturday, September 7, 2013

New TV Season (Returning Favorites Fall 2013)

Well its that time of year again folks.  The time when I have to sit down and make decisions about how much TV I will watch, when I will watch it and what looks most interesting.  There's some new shows that look mighty intriguing and some returning favorites I'm practically drooling for.  And as always shows that won't be on until next year that make me sad looking at you Lost Girl.

Without further ado, my returning favorites for the fall schedule!  I'll post my anticipated new shows tomorrow!

Returning Favorites or shows I would never miss

Boardwalk Empire - 9/8 HBO 9pm/EST
Why? Because of Chalky White and Richard.  Seriously, I could give a hoot about anyone else (though I do have a soft spot for Capone and Lucciano).  Despite Chalky's...hmm occupation, he's possibly the most honest guy in the show.  He doesn't make threats, he makes promises and despite his gruff ways he seems to be a pretty good family man (least insofar he doesn't beat his kids, tries to get the best, if misguided, for his kids/wife and admires those who show loyalty.)  Richard is possibly the best guy in general and I am seriously pissed off on his behalf by how he's treated half the time.

Avatar: Legend of Korra - 9/13 Nickelodeon 7pm/EST
Why? While the original series will always be special to me, Korra also has a special place in my heart.  And I'll admit it, I like Korra better then Aang...but I think I liked Aang's GAang a bit more (though Spider-Lin or Bat-Lin or Iron-Lin or any version of Lin is plain awesome).  Here's a show with not only one strong female, but several who though romance gets in the way at one point are mature enough to say 'Bigger Stakes Then Jealousy Exist' and get the job done. 

Haven - 9/13 Syfy 10pm/EST
Why? I hope you're joking.  Haven is possibly one of the most interesting, pleasing and pretty shows on TV.  Its definitely one of the newer Syfy shows that made me forgive them for their reality obsessed line up of shows. The third season definitely picked up steam where the underlying plotline of Audrey's mysterious origins are concerned and I cry every single time I see the last ten minutes of the season finale. Every time. Seriously.  If you check out the hashtag #DiscoverHaven on twitter you'll see why this show has a vocal and devoted following.

The Neighbors - 9/20 ABC 8:30pm/EST
Why? This was a surprise for me actually.  I started watching it I think around Christmas last year with my mom, since we couldn't find a movie, and then fell in love with its quirky humor.  How can you argue with a show that has George Takei as the Leader and they send communications via burnt toast?  Or name their kids after sports stars?

Downton Abbey - 9/22 ITV
Why? While I'm less pleased with the death at the end of the last season, I'm still invested in this family enough to care.  Julian Fellowes is a marvelous writer and this is a period of history that I know very little about honestly.  And yes this is the BRITISH premiere because I refuse to wait until bloody January for a show I adore. I put out my money for the UK DVDs I think I can watch the UK transmission.

The Big Bang Theory - 9/26 CBS 8:00pm/EST
Why? I've read the complaints about the show and honestly some are valid criticisms.  However let's be fair here guys--I know people who do that crazy stuff.  Not the science stuff, but the odd social mannerisms and behaviors.  I laugh and I feel bad and I sincerely hope to one day find myself a Leonard who's just as adorable and dorky.

Once Upon a Time - 9/29 ABC 8:00pm/EST
Why? Because I'm so addicted to this show I've set all my passwords after the character relationships I want to happen.  Also I want to grow up to be Lana Parilla/Regina.  She's so pretty and awesome (though admittedly Nicole, from YA Interrobang, made a very good post at her discussion blog some months ago about Regina...which I can't find damnation).  I don't think most of season 2 was as strong or focused as season 1, but I have high hopes with the ideas they've cast out for Season 3.  Plus Neverland with creepy Peter Pan--who I've never liked...except in HOOK--and hopefuly Mulan gets to do something other then wistfully stare after Phillip. (dear ABC I can name at least a half dozen Chinese-American and Chinese actors who can speak English perfectly who would fit the bill as Shang...even though that's not really accurate to the actual Ballad of Mulan I'll forgive you if you stop having her pine for Phillip. Her and Aurora were mad awesome by themselves!)

The Walking Dead - 10/13 AMC 9:00pm/EST
Why? MamaDaryl.  That is...Daryl and Michonne and even Carl and Glen and Maggie.  And also Sasha.  Most of the cast annoys me to some degree, but those 5-6 people don't.  Carl has become my favorite little and zombie killing machine actually (definitely ain't gonna end up like siree bob).  We make this a family thing too (like Game of Thrones!) and we enjoy discussing things.  The 4th Season trailer and showrunner have us excited that maybe it won't feel so dragged out and long this season.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special - 11/23 BBCAmerica 9:00pm/EST
Why? Because I'm a masochist apparently. I've got no idea beyond the fact that David Tennant will show up in the special and honestly if this is the end of the run for Matt Smith I may stop caring enough to DVR every episode and catch them when I remember.  Its not that I'm boycotting 'cause I love Matt Smith, its more I just have NOT enjoyed this series like I used (except for the above awesome characters) and I'm tired of being disappointed by Moffat's insane ideas about what constitutes a proper storyline. 

Psych (musical special) - 12/15 USA 9:00pm/EST
Why? This show has pleased me more and more each season--trust me it deserves all the love. Also ITS A MUSICAL.

No Set Date (yet)

Sherlock Series 3
Why? Benedict Cumberbatch acting like God's Gift to Mankind. Also Moffat's insanity in storytelling is severely curtailed here because Mark Gatniss makes sure he doesn't go insane.

Mad Dogs Specials (2 sixty minute specials)
Why? Me and dad fell in love with these crazy mid-40's chaps on the worst holiday known to mankind, though to be fair we've enjoyed all four in various other shows/movies and its fun to watch them tear each other apart as much as cling to each other for support.

The Escape Artist Mini-series
Why? Legal thriller with David Tennant. Enough said.