Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holidaze 2013: Free & Cheap eBooks for the Holidays and Beyond

One of my very favorite things to do is find free (or cheap) books on the Kindle.  Why?  Because I like free, but more then that, I've found a lot of authors I then went and spent oddles on because one (or more) of their books was free.  Andrea K. Host is a very good example of this (I own them all on the Kindle and in physical form).

And before anyone gets into a lather over it, I spend roughly 45% of my annual salary on books in physical and ebook form. I'm doing my part to put money into the industry trust me.

In that vein, instead of making up a rec list of things to buy other people here's a list of books (with commentary) of books to get for yourself.  Because we all deserve the book love.


The Christmas Ball by Sherrill Bodine (free)
Short, sweet and entertaining, what I liked most about this short story was that while it was an insta-lust equals insta-love scenario, the meddlesome matchmaking younger sister sparkled and shined throughout.

A Grosvenor Square Christmas (free)
You can read my review here, but basically if you like historical romances with just a touch of magic and a whole lot of whimsy, then this collection is definitely for you.  If you like the authors included, this collection is for you.  


Shadowborn by Moira Katson (free)
You can read my review here, but for the short quick version--a tale of two girls who can't get along, assassinations, court politics and a vow made for survival that will change the world.  This is an addictive start to a trilogy and Katson has said she plans to write more stories in the world.

Mark of the Mage by RK Ryals (free)
You can read my review here, but the quick version is this--the main character wants to research and read for the rest of her life.  If her family had just let her be then honestly, they may all have made out better for it in the long run (we're still waiting on Book 3...).

Stray by Andrea K. Host (free)
You can read my review here, but the quick version is this--read it.  Part portal fantasy, part science fiction ninja adventuring, Stray is the first book in the journey of Cassandra as she tries to come to grips with the fact just because she's super special doesn't mean she'll have an easy go of it.  Told in Journal format Host had me hooked from the first "page".

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson ($4.99)
Anyone who thought I wouldn't sneak some Sanderson into here is out of their mind.  As an added bonus the short "in between" story Mitosis just came out as well!

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson ($2.99)
Aside from getting 1,000+ pages of lovely lovely epic fantasy - no wait seriously.  Totally worth it.  Read my review!  Political intrigues, angst, fighting, mythology to make you head spin!

Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone ($2.99)
Aside from being a legal quasi-urban mostly fantasy thriller...well the main character kicks ass.  End of story.  Read my review to see what I thought :)

Stardust by Neil Gaiman ($1.99)
Trust me just do yourself the favor and read this clever little tale.  Then do yourself another favor and go see the movie--for even though its a loose adaptation it loses none of the charm or wit of the book.

Some of the Best of 2013 (free) features some of the most intriguing and thought provoking essays and short stories, many from new voices.  I highly recommend this collection of essays and stories, you may just find a new writer you'll love!

Some of the Best of 2012 (free)
Same as the above, just with all stuff from 2012! I swear I'm not a TOR fangirl or anything

Some of the Best of 2011 (free)
And yet some more. Seriously. Not a fangirl. Most of the time.

After the Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn ($2.99)
What happens when your parents are the world's mightiest superheroes...and you're basically kidnapping bait?  What struck me most about this book was how Vaughn interwove Celia's father's hopes and dreams for his daughter, hopes she never knew and dreams that were built from a place of fear that something could happen to her.