Sunday, January 12, 2014

BBCNYE14: Day 12: Plan for Followers?

credit to Parajunkee
Check out the masterpost here and the introduction by Parajunkee (hostess).

Day 12:How do you plan on getting more followers this year?

This one is actually really easy for me--I don't plan on it.  I gave up on the follower game a couple years ago.  Do I like seeing new people comment? Certainly! Do I feel a bit of pride when I see more pageviews? Definitely!  What I was enjoying less however was the constant anxiety of--how did this person get so many?  Why is this person so popular?  What can I do to be more popular?

At the moment I am in a safe even place with the publishers I work with.  I receive books I enjoy, and very rarely am I denied NetGalley approval for a title I request.  I've been doing this five years now and while I may not be Susie Q. Blog Star, I do feel I have enough appeal that some folk enjoy visiting and seeing what I have to write.

But let me know how it is for everyone else.  How does everyone else plan to make new followers?