Thursday, January 2, 2014

BBCNYE14: Day 2 Pros and Cons of Blogging

credit to Parajunkee
Check out the masterpost here and the introduction by Parajunkee (hostess).

Day 2: Your Pros and Cons of Blogging List

Hmm toughie right there.

  • I definitely believe that the friends I've made because of blogging are a pro.   
  • Finding new authors - I pretty much stuck to my fantasy section and didn't budge until I began blogging and seeing other books people are excited over.
  • Helping people with things - I can't tell you how pleased I am whenever someone comes up to me/emails me/tweets me that my BEA Info Posts help them. Seriously.
  • New experiences - like going to the Tor offices, publisher parties, talking to editors, traveling to LA and Boston, helping organize events. This is all stuff I couldn't do otherwise
  • Helping authors - or really just interacting and aiding them I suppose
  • The crushing anxiety I feel - I do not do well with crowds. So even as I love Book Expo I get really badly agitated at times and it doesn't always come up in the appropriate emotional ways
  • All the drama - which does it count as feeding the drama if you just say its a problem? 
    •  This includes the jealousy over how many books/arcs a person gets.  Get over it folks.
  • The bad author experiences - I've had a limited number of these, thankfully, but many of my friends have been torn to shreds over it
  • Amazon buying Goodreads - okay not strictly a Blogger thing, but I'm very worried for what this will mean in the future