Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BBCNYE14: Day 8 Fav Book Blogger Moment

credit to Parajunkee
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Day 8:Your Favorite Book Blogger Moment

This is hard. For me its not really a single moment that feels "favorite" but many many moments. 

So I'll use this space to talk about some authors and bloggers who have continually believed in me and supported my blog through the last 5+ years.  In no particular order I may add.

Christy Trujillo - I first reviewed Christy's book Emmy's Song for...shoot I can't even remember what site it was for.  It was a while back (like 3 or so years?) and I remember that Christy emailed me afterwards.  From there it struck up a friendship (which we like to joke that the world isn't ready for us to be in the same hemisphere) of mutual crazy shenanigan's and an author I truly enjoy reading.

Tasch (Bloody Bookaholic) - That's her above laying on my legs (we may or may not fall across each other often).  Ah what to say about my Tasch-love...the two of us get up to way too many hijinks.  We've known each other since 2009 and 2014 marks the 4th year we're attending BEA together (4th year we're rooming together, we met at 2009's BEA) and we're just sort really well.  Always a joy to have around me and always a joy to share the BEA experience with.

Emma Lai - Much like Christy above, Emma and I began talking because I reviewed her book His Ship, Her Fantasy (possibly for the same review site as Emmy's Song...dangit what was it called?).  We began poking at each other through email, gmail and social media until we built a genuine friendship that has supported me through some really nasty moments.

Emily (Red House Books) - I met Emily the same year I met Tasch (and Jen).  She's friendly, she's patient, she's funny--she kind of gets my weird mood quirks.  She also quite happily pushed me in the lion's mouth when she first introduced me to YA author Karsten Knight.  And was a good sport when I tried to keep hiding behind her.

Leanna Renee Hieber - Here's a funny story.  I reviewed The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker for Night Owl Reviews.  I loved it.  Hands down.  In the meantime when that posted and I began becoming more involved in twitter, I tweeted the author a couple of times.  Then I get a tweet from Leanna that's basically "OMG ITS YOU" and the two of us rejoice over my love of Percy.  Since then I've read all of Leanna's other books, got a chance to beta read Magic Most Foul, and have met her several times (as well as her lovely lovely editor Leah). 

Meeting Kevin Sorbo - okay so here's the thing.  I grew up idolizing Hercules and Xena.  I watched every episode, even when I wasn't supposed to, and then moved onto Andromeda when Hercules ended.  Kevin Sorbo was my hero and for Tegs, she grew up watching him for almost a decade.  When we met him at BEA 2011 the two of us were overcome with emotions.  Tegs got teary-eyed in fact.We didn't expect to meet him at a book convention you know? 

BEA Blitz 2013 with Nicole (Paperback Princess) and Hannah (The Irish Banana Review) - I don't remember how this started, I'll be honest.  Most of you know I've been doing BEA Help Posts for the last few years and last year I joined forces with Nicole and Hannah, two gals that I was very happy to get to know better.  We're going big this year, so stay tuned, but for me this is something I wouldn't have had without book blogging. 

So what kind of moments make blogging good for you?