Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book Worlds: The World of Sang (Delilah S. Dawson)

As many of you probably know I am rather in love with Delilah S. Dawson's "Blud" world books and novellas.  Criminy (and Tish and Casper and Marcus and Demi and everyone in the Carnival honestly) made an indelible mark on my reader's heart from the first page of the first book.

To recap there are 3 Books and multiple short stories currently available to purchase/read:


WICKED AS SHE WANTS (review forthcoming)
WICKED AT MIDNIGHT (review forthcoming)

"The Mysterious Madame Morpho" (review)
"The Peculiar Pets of Miss Pleasance" (review)
"The Damsel and the Daggerman" (review)
"The Three Lives of Lydia" (available in CARNIEPUNK anthology)
"Love Song of the Lizard Boy" (available through Fireside Magazine Issue 4)

Free Flash Fiction:
"Ravenna and the Huntsman" (available at Dark Faerie Tales)
"The Belated Anniversary" (available at Little Read Riding Hood)
"My Bluddy Valentine"  (available at Fools For Luv)
"No One Suspects the Tailor" (available at Paranormal Haven)

Cool Stuff: Bludbunnies--I'm thinking that King Arthur and his crew actually fell into Sang when they were off questing for the Holy Grail, its the only thing to explain the man-killing bunny.

Watch Yourself: Humans from 'our world' enter Sang through their dreams, comas and death.  If I understand correctly if you are turned into one of the 'People' (aka vampires) you get a pass to stay in Sang (I'm guessing you die in the real world, though this is pure speculation on my part).  If you choose (not that I think she enjoys this option) to do like Tish and go back and forth you age after each return to the real world.

Seen it Before?  This is a twisted Wonderland or Oz sort of thing.  If like me you grew up loving "portal fantasies", you'll love this series. A parallel could also be drawn to the game series "The Longest Journey", which much like in Sang folk could move between two worlds ("Stark", our wold and "Arcadia" a magical world) through dreams and death.

Romance My Sweet: Pretty high, though Dawson tends to focus less on that and more on how each couple 'complete' or 'heal' the other.  Her Heroes are not squeaky clean nor does the love of a good woman make them feel a need to give up their scoundrel ways, but they are true to their loves and woe be unto anyone who tries to get between them.  Ever.

Incidentally the women aren't shrinking violets, I can think of a number of times they've made the Big Bad of the book regret tangling with them.  Frannie was stomping mad after what happened to her kittens and Demi made very certain her enemies paid dearly...