Tuesday, January 14, 2014

PR Special Edition: Ashley C. Harris Blog Tour + Giveaway!

Poisoned Rationality Special  Edition

Welcome to another Poisoned Rationality Special Edition!  Today we welcome Ashley C. Harris!  Author and indie film director, Ashley's book One Night in Heated Snapshots is now available!

Summary: On the eve of Beth's college graduation, she is given the opportunity of a lifetime; an overnight, all expenses paid photography trip that will take her from New Jersey to the hot sands of Miami Beach. This adventure could land her the top magazine job she's been dreaming about … that is if the most adorably handsome but most annoying guy on the planet doesn't get in the way.

Sterling Johnson, Beth's neighbor, is the hot, college swim champion whose music and loud partying keeps his entire dorm up half the night. Where he goes, crazy swim fans follow. He could get any girl he wants … except for the perfect and career focused Beth.

When Beth leaves for the photography competition, she's shocked to see Sterling on the plane. As the heat of Miami threatens to scorch the feelings these two have been hiding for each other, will Beth’s dreams of winning be realized, or will Sterling’s revengeful plans ruin everything?

Beth's POV
The Setup
        A few more snaps and Beth was satisfied. She turned around, taking more pics as she left, including a picture of Sterling’s face as his eyes met her camera’s lens. Snap! Beth bolted for the door, moving quickly, but Sterling was just as quick. He was on her tail as they stepped onto the porch near her door.
        “What do you have there, Bethany?” he called after her as she pulled out her key. She wasn’t afraid of him. He was big and strong, a total jock tool, but Beth knew that he was not capable of hurting a woman.
        “I don’t respond to Bethany!” she reminded him.
        “Fine, what do you have there, Beth?” He stepped in front of her, gently stilling her hand on the doorknob as he looked down at her tired, frustrated face.
        “What I’ve got is Sterling Johnson, future Olympic athlete, giving out pot at his party. Sounds like a headline that should sell decently, don’t you think?”
        “I don’t smoke pot or anything else for that matter,” he told her honestly, his voice filling with what was possibly a little fear, or maybe the rise of a challenge.
        “That’s not what these photos will say. Maybe you should try keeping better company.”      She fought against his hand to turn her doorknob. His warm, gentle touch on the ice-cold knob was almost too much to bear. Especially with the way he looked at her, like he could see down to her soul. She forced her eyes away, trying not to think about his golden brown hair that still seemed soft and flawless after hours of partying and getting down. His dark blue sweater showed off how long, lean, and ripped his chest was. He he looked like Ryan Lochte, but with the abs and height of Michael Phelps. It was enough to make girls everywhere swoon, and Beth had to fight hard not to swoon herself.
        “Ok, Beth, what do you want?” he asked her.“A decent night’s sleep before my exam! It’s what all your neighbors have wanted all year, but you continue to party all the harder every time we ask for some consideration.”
        “Ok, I’m sorry. I’ll turn the music down. Happy?”
        She looked up, meeting his gaze, still majorly pissed off as she rattled the doorknob. He removed his hand but remained blocking her way as she opened her door.
        “Come on, truce?” he asked her again, turning his voice all flirty. Gosh, did he get away with everything this way?
        Before she could answer, a blast from the music still pounding at his place sent two frames on her wall crashing down. They landed onto a stack of photos, causing them to fly everywhere in a chaotic mess. A few of them actually escaped out her front door before she could chase them down. Sterling managed to catch one. In his hand, he held the still wet photo of the blurred couple kissing that she had shot earlier that night. He looked down at it, taking it in, and then to Beth.
        Her face turned bright red as she ripped the photo out of his hand. “It’s for a class assignment,” she mumbled, embarrassed and mad at herself. “And unless you plan on shutting down the party, count on these photos—” She held up her camera, “—being all over the news tomorrow night!” Then she pulled her door shut, quickly slamming it in his perfect face.
About five minutes later, his music was turned off and she heard the shouts of the party moving elsewhere. Finally she could get some sleep and think of something else other than Sterling Johnson and the way his deep voice was enough to take her breath away.


About the Author
Author and film director Ashley C. Harris resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. When she is not hard at work writing or dreaming up new indie films she spends her time working out, reading the bible, and going on breath taking adventures with her sister.

The seed for becoming an author started budding for Ashley in the third grade, when she wrote her first hundred page book during her class's quite time, her teacher couldn't believe it and voiced over her that surly she'd become an author someday.

Those words never left Ashley and she has been writing ever since. Ashley loves to create young adult, science fiction, fantasy novels, and is currently working on her first steamy romance... with more to come.