Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon - Small Break for Books! #readathon

Since I have to wait for my tablet to recharge, and my shoulder is too sore to hold an actual book correctly (Thank god I can type one-handed!) I wanted to show y'all my current bookshelves.  Since moving out of my dad's to my apartment last July I've had to make some...hard decisions about what stays and what gets packed away at my dad's.  In the last 9 months I've traded out over 700 books I've either read and packed away, donated, traded to friends or given away.  I try to keep my shelves about 70% stocked with books I haven't read (the other 30% being either series I'm actively collecting/aren't finished yet or books I'm likely to re-read in the next 6 months).

This is a view of my four bookcases (and my video came center in the corner between them).  I recently moved all my bookcases to the one corner because it freed up a lot more space in my room for a new desk.
This DVD shelf converted into a bookshelf is my contemporary romance shelf.  The top shelf are books I haven't read yet but will soon, second shelf is for my print editions of Bella Andre and Julie Orton, third shelf is my Lucky Harbor/Jill Shalvis books, the fourth are all my Kristan Higgins books and the bottom is my PSP and 3DS stuff.  On top is my collection of figures from various anime/video games (Rise-chan!)

This is my graphic novel/ARC shelf.  Shelves 1-3 are manga/manhwa series I'm either actively re-reading (FMA, Tsubasa, Mars) or series I'm still collecting (Cardcaptor Sakura, Bride of the Water God, etc).  Fourth shelf is the shelf of all the ARCs I've received from BEA/ALA in the last several years.  Most of which I haven't read yet.  Fifth shelf right side is all my doujinshi, everything to the left and bottom are American comics I'm collecting.

This poorly lit shelf that's half-obscured by my video center is devoted entirely to my hardcovers.  Top two shelves are for YA fantasy or "geeky" books (memoirs and all my Quirk books), third shelf is science fiction--YA or otherwise, fourth and fifth shelves we're back to fantasy, but the fourth shelf also houses all my niche publisher titles (stuff from Subterranean Press, Wildeside, etc).

This is my mass market paperback shelf.  Its in disarray currently because I recently re-organized the top and third shelves. Top shelf is all Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy.  second shelf is all historical romance.  Third shelf is my Agatha Christie, cozy mystery, science fiction shelf.  Fourth, Fifth and Sixth shelves are all fantasy.  The bottom shelf being primarily my Epic long ass fantasy books (Kylie Chan in the corner is the exception, that's Urban Fantasy really).

My last shelf, right next to my bed so its also my de facto nightstand is a bit of everything.  Top shelf is Hardcover graphic novels, japanese light fiction and manga anthologies.  Second shelf is half Japanese light novels and half self-pubbed/small press (all my Andrea K. Host print novels for instance, Michelle K. Pickett, any soft covers I backed through Kickstarter).  Third shelf is ostensibly my YA trade paperbacks.  Fourth and Fifth are my fantasy/science fiction trade paperbacks. 

On the fourth shelf you'll also notice the composition book - that's my tablet actually.

On the tops of my bookcases as bookends are my "perfect" or "library" edition hardcovers of comic series (Fables, Buffy, Tellos) as well as any TV series I love--practically all genre in some form (Diagnosis Murder is the closest I come to non-genre but that's a detective show so...).

So what do you think?  What's your bookshelves look like?