Thursday, May 1, 2014

eBook Review: Super Trouble

To keep her out of trouble, he'll have to hold on tight.

Kim Carruthers is done being the damsel in distress, waiting for some superhero to save her. Now that she finally has super powers of her own, the bad guys had better watch out. It's payback time. Provided she can get past the sexy super determined to stop her quest for vengeance.

Unfortunately, the hero on her tail is none other than Frost Nightwing, the man even supers fear and the ex-lover whose icy touch always set her on fire. Tall, dark and deadly Frost is the one love she could never forget and the last person she wants to face… especially now that he's playing for keeps

Remember Kim, the journalist from earlier books who broke up with Captain Justice?  Then got herself superpower'ed by Demon Wroth?  Well she's kicking out on her own and seeking out answers. 

I didn't like Kim in the previous books (not that she appeared VERY often), but this book offered a chance to see what made her tick.  And you know I felt really bad for her.  Kidnapped 25 times certainly earns a girl her complex right?  And Frost...oh my :fans face: