Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer of Christie: And Then There Were None 6/30

The Summer of Christie kick-off is 6/30 when the questions go live at Bookclub Girl for And Then There Were None and before anyone says it yes I do know that this has no Poirot at all.  But it is one of Christie most famous mysteries and I believe a good way to hook readers (new or old) into her writing. 

In preparation I'm going to re-watch several of the movie adaptations that I own and posting some thoughts on them across social media:
  • 1966 - Fabian! This is the version I rewatch most often also Sauron is Mr. Owen's voice!
  • 1945 - First cinema production, available for free to download (legally) here.
  • 1987 - [Desyat Negrityat] Soviet Russia version! Sticks the closest to the book
  • 1989 - Starring Frank Stallone, Sly's brother...I can't take it seriously and you shouldn't either.
As I said above the 1966 version with Fabian is my absolute favorite version - Fabian is...well this is Fabian in the movie:
When I was 16 and watching this movie for the first time he was the absolute tops to me (note: I was 16 in 2000, keep that in mind) and then later in the school year a senior I admired (Martin Gaynor) played his character in the stage play for the school production.  Let's be clear his character (supposed to be Anthony Marston but is Michael Raven in this version of the movie) isn't a good person.  He's accused (and admits to) vehicular manslaughter while under the influence.

Having just watched the Soviet Russia version I'll be watching that second to last.  Because I don't really want to rewatch the Stallone one, but I'll do it.  With a lot of vodka in hand.  Seriously its that bad.

And if I can find it I'll share the essays I wrote about the book back during my junior year of HS 'cause I really really love this book.