Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hot Deal: Kate Daniels Book 1-6 on Sale TODAY ONLY

My love of the writing duo Ilona Andrews is boundless - seriously, its up there with Brandon Sanderson that's how much I love their writing - and while I own all these books in paperback format how can I say no to also owning them on the Kindle at $1.99 a piece?  The books are also on sale for the NOOK and at iTunes as well.

Sale ends TODAY however - its a flash sale! Just imagine its like the magic that sweeps across Atlanta on occasion - so make a decision quickly.  Book 7 - Magic Breaks comes out July 29th, so hurry and catch up!

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(from Ilona Andrews' website):
An Urban Fantasy with a post-apocalyptic flavor, this series features Kate Daniels, a merc with a sharp tongue and even sharper sword.
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