Thursday, September 11, 2014

eBook Review: Lay Me Down

Able to navigate sleep’s vast dreamwaters, wild child Maisie Lane makes easy money as a courier delivering packages from one dream to another. So what if her employers are on the shadier side of the law? Her sister thinks she’s living for the pleasure of the moment. Pleasure is involved—why shouldn’t it be?—but every step Maisie takes is part of a careful plan. That is, until she crosses into a dream so evil, she has no choice but to run.

Special Agent Steve Coll is tasked to recruit Maisie for Chimera, the organization that polices shared dreams. At first he’s taken with her funny and carefree spirit, then brought to his knees by her tough and passionate soul. Touching her is forbidden ecstasy, but Steve can’t resist breaking the rules with Maisie. A darkness is gathering, evil preparing to strike, and only Maisie stands between it and innocent lives. No matter what happens, Steve won’t let her stand alone—he’ll die before he leaves her side.

This second book in Kellison's "Reveler" series follows Maisie (Jordan's sister - yes the one who got her tangled up in all the hell she went through originally) and Steve (Rook's boss who yes is the one who set Rook after Jordan originally) as they try to figure out a way to survive the insanity that is enveloping their lives.  Something Steve is very used to handling and Maisie is very good at creating.

Kellison doesn't waste much time on the development--a lot of that happened in the first book and really these guys have their hands full.  It suits both their personalities though, Maisie's impetuousness and Steve's obsessiveness.  And while Steve, much like Rook, would be considered all kinds of stalker in any other setting, it makes sense here.  Maisie REALLY gets over her head and she needs someone who is thinking three steps ahead of her to keep her from diving too deep.  In turn Steve needs someone who sees past the exterior and can make him smile.

I wasn't as fond of Maisie as I was of Jordan, she took a lot of risks and did a lot of things rashly.   And I didn't quite forgive her what happened with her sister in the first book.  Steve....I was so happy to learn more about him.  He was a bit of an intimidating enigma when dealing with Rook, but here he was certain that Maisie was fully capable, but fiercely determined to prove why he needed to stay near her.

You do have to read the first book first, this isn't a book to just jump into and hope they explain.  While the events of DARKNESS FALLS are gone over, this is squarely centered on Maisie and Steve who are experienced Revelers and thus don't waste time on basics.  Kellison wrote these more as serial novellas that interconnected to a larger framework.  They don't work by themselves nor out of order.