Decorating a Man Cave (or Personal Room)

Having a private space in your home for yourself is important, particularly if you have children and need an escape. Many people who plan out a man cave do so with several misconceptions in place and often make poor decisions that ruin their enjoyment of the space. Here are some important considerations when you are planning out a man cave to have placed into your home.

Think About What Space You are Using and Make Accommodations

Matter is not created or destroyed and the same is true of space in your home. When you have a room in your home converted into a man cave you will lose its prior functionality, unless the room was simply an empty room in a new home. You will need to account for the lost functionality, even if it was just used as a storage space. Keep track of what the room that you were previously using was utilized for and how you will account for the lost space. This idea was published in our previous article about top tips.

Choose a Man Cave Space that You Will Truly Enjoy

Many people set up a man cave with the belief that they will use the space more frequently than they actually do. Installing a bar in your basement may be unique and cool, in theory, but unless you frequently entertain or have a passion for drinking, it may end up being wasted space. Think about how you will actually use the space and what you plan on doing in it. However, try to avoid duplicating another room in character. You are better off not simply duplicating a living room in your man cave, unless you can’t escape from your family and plug into the sports contest in privacy. Try to form a room that centers around your life passions such as a hobby, interest or something else special about you. You may want to set up a writing or painting studio, a sewing room, a room for your comic books, or even simply a music room. Find out what you want out of a space and make it special for you.

Don’t Ignore the Elements

If you are converting a basement or a garage into your man cave you may be left with a room that is not the right temperature for your needs, with it being either too hot or too cold, depending on the season. Don’t ignore the elements and be sure to install the right heating or cooling mechanisms into your new personal space for your needs.

Choosing the Right Décor

The man cave that you choose will be your own personal taste so indulge your own sense of style, regardless of how tactful it is or not. Should be comfortable in this space and should focus on what makes you, you. Avoid getting other opinions and choose a look and feel for a room that is special for your own purposes.