Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to Zombie Rationality!

September Zombies HQ Post

That's right folks ZOMBIES are in charge for the month of September*.  Are you scared?  I sure hope so, my Zombie fellows enjoy noshing on brains.  Not just on my blog but across the blog-o-sphere you are going to be infested with them.

Our hostess is Velvet of vvb32reads--this is the one you should go after with pitchforks since she is the one who instigated this infestation!

Then there's Misty of Book Rat--yes, the Book Rat, that right there should tell you where her leanings are.

And Titania of Fishmuffins of Doom--yep DOOM is part of her blog's title.  Doesn't that lead you to suspect something?

And Maevyn of Epic Rat--well, I hope I don't have to tell you why she is dangerous.  She measures by Zombie!

And Celia of Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia--she made the banner so just be scared for that alone okay?

Of course me, Lexie of PoisonedZombie Rationality, who you should fear the most.  Just saying.

We even have our very own banner--the better to subjugate you all! ::cue evil cackle::

My schedule for the month has changed slightly from what I posted earlier--so pay attention!

8/31General AnnouncementContest PostLink
9/1Coming AttractionZombies Vs. UnicornsLink
9/2Book ReviewZombies Vs. Unicorns
9/3Zombie ReviewDead Set
9/4Book Review
Sarcastic Saturday
Patient Zero
Zombie Fiction Online

9/5Sunday SendupZombie Linkage
9/6Author InterviewJonathan Maberry
9/7Zombie GuideSelf-Defense
9/8Coming AttractionRot and Ruin
Guest Post
Zombie Review
Zombie Guide
Resident Evil Bash
Resident Evil Afterlife 3-D
Lessons Learned from RE

9/12Sarcastic SaturdayPride & Prejudice & Zombies
9/12Sunday SendupZombie Linkage
9/13Zombie ReviewFido
9/14Zombie GuideSurviving the Apocalypse
9/15Coming AttractionMarried With Zombies
9/16 Zombie GuideZombie Love Books
9/17Book ReviewMarried With Zombies
9/18Book Review
Book Review
Sarcastic Saturday
Kiss of Life
Passing Strange
My Zombie Valentine

9/19Sunday SendupZombie Linkage
9/20Author InterviewJesse Petersen
9/21Zombie GuideSelf Help for Zombies
9/22Coming AttractionHungry For Your Love
9/23Book Review
Author Interview
Mira Grant

9/26Sarcastic Sunday
Book Review
Sunday Sendup
Forest of Hands and Teeth
Dead-Tossed Waves
Zombie Linkage

9/28Zombie GuideAre You Infected?
9/29Zombie Guide
Zombie Guide
Zombie Comics
High School of the Dead review

9/30Zombie GuideThe Walking Dead Info

In addition to what's above I'll have random posts strewn throughout the month about zombies and such. 

(*)9/9, 9/11, 9/24, 9/25 and 9/27 are all non-SZ days--I have separate blog tours and posts scheduled for those days.  That have nothing to do with Zombies.  But do include reviews, author guest post, interviews and contests.
(**) Also thank you to Abigail of All Things Urban Fantasy, to which I borrowed the Table from because I HATE CODING and I couldn't figure out how in the name of Hell's Belles of St. Trinian's she managed to get that to work for her blog.