Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bloggiesta 2012: To Do Masterlist

This round of Bloggiesta is hosted by Suey (of It's All About Books) and Danielle (of There's a Book) and I plan on doing my best to finish my list!

Some Links:
-- Masterlist of Current Mini-Challenges and Past Mini-Challenges
-- Bloggiesta Twitter Participants List
-- Link Up Your To-Do List

My Goals:
-- Update Review Archive COMPLETED
-- Update Cross Post reviews to Amazon and Goodreads
-- Clean Up My Sidebar (its getting a little long...)  COMPLETED 
-- Update Challenges Page DELETED PAGE
-- Create Template for Upcoming BEA Posts
-- Write at least 10 reviews
-- Write Up Season Ender Posts COMPLETED
-- Clean Up Labels
-- Clean Up Google Reader
-- Comment (or at least find 5 new blogs I'm interested in)
-- Check Links COMPLETED