Friday, June 8, 2012

BEA Post: Got it Memorized?

Its that time of year again guys.  I'll be in New York City from June 4th til June 8th rocking out with my girls Tasch, Tegs, Emily, Danielle, Nikki, and Briana B*.  My new girls Briana M, Nicole and Megan...and more people than I can shake a stick at.

Let's recap so that any newcomers to the blog aren't like 'What the frak is up with this girl?  Who is she? Did I meet Lexie or Tegan?'

So here's a handy-dandy guide of knowing which Cenni Gal you met:

5 Differences:
  • Tegan is a respectable 5'4", I'm the petite 5'
  • Tegan is sunny blonde, I'm a dark chestnut
  • Tegan is tanner, I'm allergic to the sun
  • Tegan likes high heels, I prefer ass-kickersboots
  • Tegan is outgoing, I'm introverted and like to hide in the shadows
5 Similarities:
  • We both like books, our tastes are fairly similar in fact
  • We're both sarcastic, oh about 90% of the time
  • We're both rather busty, yeah no push-ups needed :sigh:
  • We both can't talk to attractive guys w/o blushing
  • We both can (and will) quote random things w/o context and get it
5 Things to Watch Out For:
  • When we fight, we fight, so...just run
  • If you hear 'Bene Gesserit Whore', so...just run
  • Neither of us are morning people, so...just run
  • We don't do well when hungry, so...just run
  • We don't do well with headaches, so...just run
Wanna hit us up while at BEA?
Emails:  Lexie ( // Tegan (
Twitter Handles: Lexie (PRationality) // Tegan (TeganCenni)

Helpful?  Hope to see y'all there!