Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Andrea K. Höst Reading Challenge!

thanks to Andrea for the cover I butchered to make this graphic
Ever since I first read Stray, a year ago in September (sniffle), I was hooked on her writing.  Mind you I read Champion of the Rose first, which on the surface fits my tastes better, but something about Stray had me clamoring for more.  In short order I read Lab Rat One and then had to wait the looooong period (like two months) for Caszandra and then an even longer period for Gratuitous Epilogue (which despite Andrea's claims was not 'short' by any means XD).  At which point the Touchstone series was over.

Then I read the Medair duology (Silence of Medair and Voice of the Lost), which is another blending of science fiction and fantasy (she kind of rocks at that) and I'm inching my way towards Stained Glass Monsters (look its the last book of hers I have to read until Hunting and And All the Stars this fall/winter).

Which brings me to my point--I want to re-read her books.  Now that I've got a few months behind me and I can stop fangirl'ing over Cass and Kaoren, I think I can more objectively read them and not gush to death over them. (I lie)  And I want to discuss them with everyone!

So here's what I propose: As far as I know October is the pub month for Hunting and December is the pub month for And All the Stars.  Granted Andrea is a self-pub author who pores her heart and soul into her writing, editing and creation process so its understandable if the dates get moved around.  Considering the high level of professionalism that her books are, I'm completely okay when they are moved around due to her not being happy enough (this doesn't mean I don't whine however).

To that end I propose reading to proceed this way:

August: Stray and Lab Rat One
September: Caszandra and Gratuitous Epilogue
October: Silence of Medair and Voice of the Lost
November: Champion of the Rose and Stained Glass Monsters
December: (assuming publishing schedule is on time) Hunted and And All the Stars

That's somewhere between 500-600pgs of awesome fun times a month.  Now obviously we all read at our own pace and if you find yourself wanting to read ahead, go right ahead!  If you find life sucking the energy from your bones so you need to slow down, go right ahead!  This isn't a fascist regime after all, read as you like, its more fun that way.

At the end of each month I'll post a discussion post with some questions to consider to get the ball rolling.  It'll be an open forum so post as you like and spoilers will be allowed for the books currently being read and past books (so in October you can discuss all the Touchstone books, but no spoilers for the Medair books and so forth).

5 Winners (one a month/discussion post) shall win their choice of one of Andrea's books currently avail in Paperback (US Only)
5 Winners (one a month/discussion post) shall win their choice of 2 of Andrea's e-books (through Smashwords, International only)
One Grand prize winner will win their choice of 3 of Andrea's books currently avail in Paperback (US Only)

To be eligible for the monthly prize: you just have to participate in the discussion, tweet about the Challenge, or post a review of Andrea's books from that month (previous reviews will not count, feel free to create a re-read post instead!).

To be eligible for the grand prize: you have to participate in the Challenge, post in the discussion posts, write reviews, tweet about the Challenge and basically spread the love. 

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Wanna join?  Comment below and I'll add you to the Masterlist (to go live August 1st)!