Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lexie's Grand Adventure(s): Going to Get SNL Standby Tickets

All right folks listen up.  There are exactly 2--count it TWO--male actors I am willing to sell my soul to see live.  One is, as always, David Tennant.  I've said this in various places, but I will do just about anything to be in the same room as that man.  Seriously.  Someone make that happen for me before I die.

The other is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  This guy.  Oh my lucky stars this guy.

As fate would have it he is hosting the second SNL episode this coming season (season 38) along with Mumford and Son as the musical guests.  That's a cocktail of WIN right there in my opinion.  The second episode is September 22nd, which also happens to be the signing at Books of Wonder w/Karsten Knight, Sarah Beth Durst, Malinda Lo, etc so I was planning on being in the city anyhow.  That said, looking around the interwebs has taught me the following is my plan to ravishmeet JGL is going to suceed:
  • They hand out the standby tickets around 7am the morning of the taping
  • For popular hosts/musical guest combos (which to my mind the two above are SUPER DUPER POPULAR) people will camp out for days (as early as Wednesday!) 
  • Only a handful of standby tickets--for the dress rehearsal or the live taping--get in.
  • Various places mention the dress rehearsal is a better bet--the VIPs are less likely to show up etc etc
  • Perseverance is the key.
Now I want to point out I was one of those crazy kids who lined up outside at almost 5am to meet the cast of Doctor Who last year (for the season 5 DVD signing at B&N).  To date that was the earliest I had ever been in the city (if not staying overnight).  I've also been known to have waited 6 hours in line for the Firefly/Serenity panel at Dragon Con 2005, for 9 hours to meet Stephanie Meyer (for Eclipse's release), and an additional 12+ hours to meet Stephanie Meyer AGAIN as well as see Blue October in concert (for Breaking Dawn's midnight release).  So I am not opposed to waiting in long lines for fan-related reasons.

And from all accounts it completely safe to do so if extremely cold and uncomfortable (if you don't bring a chair or such).  I also want to point out I wouldn't be sleeping in the streets, sorry I'm too paranoid.  And you can meet really interesting folks this way. 

Is this worth it?  Rationally speaking, no.  Its not like I get to meet him (unless I'm very lucky), its not like its even guaranteed ('cause its not).  I"m actually destined for heartbreak honestly.  AND Haven premieres September 21st, so I won't be able to watch that until Sunday, which hurts.

But when has Rationality ever been part of my personality make-up?

Anyone wanna join?