Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review plus 2013 Resolutions

still suffering from pneumonia, now with added 'Walks Into Walls' fun!

so 2012.  A lot happened in that year, both here and elsewhere...

...I made new friends!  Across the board I made new friends in almost every aspect of my life.  Some I have remained good friends with, some I have since parted ways with, and some I'm not sure where I stand, but its been a banner year for me. 

From a purely objective standpoint, this is healthy.  The last couple of years has seen my social anxiety issues take a further and further backseat in my personality, for which I can't help but be grateful for.  I still have my moments (at least twice a month) in which I struggle to not push people away and hide, consoling myself its better this way and less painful, but by in large I am putting myself out there more. 

Resolution for 2013: Keep making friends, make more of an effort to remain in touch with the ones I have.

...romantic entanglements!  My self-esteem is still at a record low as far as how I am viewed by the male species, but I had two (three if you count the ill-fated interest towards Tim Who Thinks Movies are Better Than Books) quasi-entanglements that taught me something and I think made me stronger for them. 

Resolution for 2013: Halve that entanglement encounters, keep mind set on current POI.!  I saw an upswing in both my interest in it and my interest in going forward with it.  I researched a number of schools and after careful thought came to the conclusion I need to be more than 4 hours away by car/train/plane in order for me to make it a priority and not worry about my family at the same time.  Remaining too close means I would feel obligated to return home to help, going too far means I wouldn't be able to visit my friends often enough and remain a part of my friend Melissa's life (and by extension her young daughter's).

Resolution for 2013: finish my associate's, apply to Suffolk in Boston
  • auxiliary to that resolution--if I'm not accepted into Suffolk, I've already decided to continue to pursue my bachelor's online, while working, and saving money to move away from home (right now all my savings is going towards moving to Boston).  Either way I want to continue my education.
....lost weight!  Though its hard to see the improvement, I lost a total of 18 pounds this year!  I only gained back 6 of those pounds, so I'm officially back under 150lbs!  The downside is that my lungs are still worth shit, so that makes it a bit harder to do as much as I'd like.

Resolution for 2013: Join a gym (not just for the trial period), force healthy food down my family's throats in an effort to force myself to eat healthier, return to walking 2-3 miles a day. cooking has improved!  With the addition of the standing mixer, (actual) roasting pan, pie pans and bigger crockpot to my arsenal of kitchen necessities I can begin to try new recipes.  My cookbooks are now in my kitchen on a bookshelf and I'm in the process of organizing my loose-leaf recipes to some semblance of order.

Resolution for 2013: continue trying new recipes, buy a few more kitchen gadgets to help.  Also better organize my kitchen to achieve this.

Favorite Book(s): Redshirts by John Scalzi (scifi satire), Vessel by Sarah Beth Durst (YA fantasy), The Girl Who Would Be King by Kelly Thompson (superhero) or And All the Stars by Andrea K. Host (alien invasion) - its hard to choose one of them, as they all hit different chords with me

Least Favorite Book: The Bandit King by Lilith Saintcrow - my main problem with this book stemmed from the fact our 'hero'  was a deranged, obsessive murderer who Saintcrow tries to excuse by saying 'it was for true love'. (read my reaction post here)

Favorite Tie-in Fiction: Its a toss up between the four novellas comprising Celaena's journey from prodigal assassin to lowly prisoner (the "Throne of Glass" novellas by Sarah J. Maas) or "Shadow Cats" by Rae Carson, giving us a fuller view of the world through Alodia's eyes (Elisa's older sister)

Biggest Surprise: Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris - this book took me by surprise as it was pitched to me as 'Fringe for the YA crowd', and I thoroughly dislike that show.

Happy Fangirl Moment: MEETING SARAH J MAAS AND NK JEMISIN AT BEA 2012. SERIOUSLY.  I nearly tackled Sarah when I met her and Nora...well...the fact I managed to get a comprehensible sentence out is forever a wonder to me.

And of a less bookish fangirl moment--MEETING BURNIE BURNS, the voice of CHURCH and JOHN ERLER the voice of NORTH from Red vs. Blue (you know that serious I keep going on about?).  Yeah.  Seriously. They said my name :sniffles:

Awesome Cool Things Cause of Books: I won a Samsung Note 10.1 tablet (thanks to Ann Aguirre), just by telling everyone I knew to buy her book (and creating nifty postcards to help with that), joined Avon Addicts because I love their romances AND became an inaugural member of the Sony e-Reader's Book Club complete with free e-reader, books and trip to LA. sweeeeet.