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PR Special Edition: Monica Corwin Interview!

Poisoned Rationality Special  Edition

Welcome to another Poisoned Rationality Special Edition!  Our guest today is Monica Corwin, author of Legend's Fall.  I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Monica (or rather re-meeting because I'm fairly sure we met before at BEA) during the Sony Readers Trip in LA back in February.  While there she regaled myself and another blogger (Cana) with the premise of her forthcoming book Legend's Fall.  Fast forward a couple months and look!  Its out!  Its so pretty and spiffy too :)  I'm very excited to be part of her blog tour as well and getting this chance to interview her!

Summary:  Legend states when the King Arthur is needed most he will return. What if the legends are wrong?

Maggie Sanders gave six years and two feet of her now scarred and twisted body to the United States Army. She received a thank you note and a discharge in return. Effectively booted to the curb Maggie tries to pick up the piece of her life until her revival is interrupted by one smoking hot immortal.

Arthur Pendragon, legendary King and military leader, has been trapped on the mythical island of Avalon for 1500 years. When he is thrust from captivity to the modern world he has to fight to stay there. Too bad for him, she has more fight than he anticipates. With the help of Maggie and a teenage Merlin, Arthur set outs to end his torture and free the rest of his comrades from imprisonment.


Welcome Monica to Poisoned Rationality!  Can I say how excited I am about this book's release?

Jeez, ME TOO.
Starting with the basics--when we spoke back in Feb, what grabbed me the most during our conversation was your certainty that Arthur, and his legacy, didn't have to just be this one certain idea.  Can you describe to the readers what about the legend spoke to you this way?
I am not sure what you are asking completely but I'll give this question my best go. If you are asking about my certainty that Arthur deserves a happy ending then yes, I am very certain about that. I hate the fact that he was always this hero, this ideal man, and yet, he lived a sad life surrounded by betrayal and lies. So, I gave him the ending, and the woman, I wanted him to have, that he deserved. If some of our greatest heroes can't have happy endings what hope is there for us normal folk?
Maggie isn't your typical romance heroine--she's scarred up, battle worn and not really wanting to deal with what Arthur is handing her.  Barring an immortal King swooping in, what gave Maggie so much strength?

Being a woman in the military is a tough road. You have to think a certain way, act a certain way, and be strong, strong enough to stand beside a man on the same battlefield, in the same uniform, and not flinch. After you have been through that for so long it sticks. She is just a strong woman.
Behind the research, what do you think was the most important part of getting Arthur (and all that he brings with him) to be both a hero ready to deal with a modern woman and still stay true to his original spirit?
I think Arthur is a very, oh man what is the word, real person. He is valiant, true, a little mischievous, and most of all he loves life. In that love is his spirit, if he didn't he would have given up on the world a long time ago. I love when he is with Maggie that side of him comes out again.
A lot of the Arthur legend relies on fate or destiny, though not all incarnations of Arthur have said as much.  Where do you fall in terms of fate playing a role in today's world?

I believe in fate but I think that people create certain paths to their fate with choices they make. Say you are supposed to be with Fred, you will eventually be with Fred. If you meet Fred, decide you don't like him and move along, basically fighting all your instincts its going to be a lot harder path. If you give in and let your heart tell you exactly how you feel about Fred you and Fred will live a long and happy life together.

I have an unfair advantage since I know the answer to this, but what's up with Lancelot and Guinevere?

GAH. First off, these two, I do not like, but…Lancelot and Guinevere will be the next book in the series, and the most tortured because of my severe dislike. The title of their book is Betrayal's Redemption..if that gives all the lovely readers a clue. :D
Thank you Monica for coming by!
No problem and thank you for having me!

I admit the idea of fate in today's world can sometimes seem...not quite real I suppose.  Though I do find myself wondering about Arthur--just a cursory look at his legends will prove that there's a lot to misunderstand (just like Robin Hood XD).

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About the Author
Monica Corwin is an outspoken writer who dreams of making romance and erotica accessible to everyone, no matter their preferences. When not writing romance, Monica spends time finishing her degree in English and working full time while raising her beautiful shiny new daughter.

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